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The natural world has so much to offer our living spaces. Color, texture, and material all have the ability to impact the feel of a room. It’s why we look to the grounding elements of nature—rich marbles, warm woods, powerful stones—to add both depth and interest. And though we usually find these accents on bathroom backsplashes and kitchen countertops, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ spring 2022 collection reminds us of the influence of materiality across design—well beyond renovation.

Prioritizing craftsmanship and quality, the pieces within MG+BW’s latest offering are the epitome of structure meets sculpture—they’re practical enough to fit into a variety of rooms, but impactful in composition and shape. They’re also created from an array of unique stones, minerals, and finishes that can be mixed and matched. Below, find six natural materials we are loving from the collection (think: mesmerizing marble, onyx, and more) and the pieces that remind us that their beauty is in their imperfections.

The material: Onyx
The product: A Coffee Table That’s Solid as a Rock

This statement piece is so much more than a coffee table: It’s a bona fide work of art. Crafted from chunky onyx slabs and placed over a sturdy frame, no two are exactly alike—a benefit of the material’s natural beauty.

The material: Hair-on-Hide
The product: A Console That Feels as Good as It Looks

Elevate your entryway, home office, or living room with this innovative take on the trestle table—a dual-purpose piece that can be used as either a console or a desk. The legs, which are available in two finishes—brushed brass and pewter—provide a cool contrast to the textured hair-on-hide top.

The material: Petrified Wood
The product: A Hand-Carved Piece That Brings Nature’s Beauty Indoors

This decorative sphere—which can be paired with a matching bowl and cheese board—is an easy way to add interest to a coffee table, corner of a desk, or bookshelf. Offered in large and small sizes and crafted by hand, each piece’s color variation is distinctly unique.

The material: Black Marble
The product: A Dining Table That’s a Smooth Talker

The ultimate conversation piece. For something sleek, skip the standard four-prong legs for a dining table with an X-shaped metal base. On top, white-veined Italian black marble, new to MG+BW’s library of materials, serves as a focal point.

The material: Rainbow Sandstone
The product: A Lamp That Doubles as a Sculpture

If you lean more toward simplicity, this table lamp is the definition of clean and minimalist. A large-scale base made from rainbow sandstone—a mineral known for its vibrant colors and eye-catching swirls—offers a modern take on monolithic design.

The material: Travertine
The product: A Mixed-Materials Accent Piece

Proof side tables shouldn’t be an afterthought. This cool version features a multitude of textures—the top is a smooth travertine, while the T-shaped base is a warm walnut. Since travertine is a type of limestone, each piece will vary in pattern for a one-of-a-kind finished product.

Explore the collection online and at one of the 24 Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Signature Stores nationwide, as well as via three international locations and 35 virtual design locations. For more design inspiration, follow @MGBWhome on Instagram.