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There are a few reasons I began my quest for an affordable, attractive, and hardworking rice cooker: Grocery prices are higher than ever (and grains remain long-lasting and mostly inexpensive); I’m a busy mom (and lazy cook); and when the weather is this hot, turning on the oven or standing over the stove seems like an added punishment. 

I’m also low on counter space, so something as large as an Instant Pot was immediately out of the running. When I scrolled toward the GreenLife Healthy Nonstick Cooker, a 4-cup option, I added it to my cart immediately. Not only does it cook everything from oats to grains to rice, it comes in four cute, countertop-friendly colors: pink, yellow, aqua, and white. 

My first time using it, I instantly realized how much more efficient it was than stovetop cooking. I no longer had to stir or monitor the doneness of quinoa at the stove—genius. My go-tos quickly became rice and oats, both of which would emerge from the cooker perfect every time. And knowing that all I had to do was rinse the rice, then add water and grains to the ceramic-coated basin and push a button, made it all a dream. For the next 40 minutes, I would prep the rest of the meal, and by the time the cooker beeped, I would have perfectly fluffy grains to feed my family. Plus the whole thing is a breeze to clean and the basin is dishwasher-friendly. 

The only downside? Because it makes 4 cups, the portions are perfect for me and my kids, but if I were having a larger party, a bigger model would be better. And then there was the time my oats were too chewy, but after leaving on the heat mode for 10 minutes, they softened up. But for only $50, the benefits outweigh any negative aspects, and it’s a true space saver and countertop statement piece.