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Is that temperature right? Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this when baking a cake for that super-special dinner party. Maybe your oven just feels a little…off. That’s because gas ranges, although the standard-bearer for cooktops, operate by constantly turning on and off, making the internal temperature variable—and less reliable—when it comes to the oven. A few degrees here or there may not feel like much, but to your slowly rising, hopefully, showstopping soufflé, it matters quite a bit. 

Enter the dual fuel range, beloved by adventurous home cooks and design enthusiasts alike. Electric-powered induction cooktops are on the rise in many modern kitchens, and the constant and consistent heat of an electric oven is a no-brainer for baking and roasting. But for stovetops, gas is still the preferred power source for many home cooks, since searing and sautéing love that direct blast of fiery heat. The best dual fuel ranges put both in the same stylish package—and our top picks will make a bold statement in kitchens of all kinds. 

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Miele M Touch Series Dual Fuel Range

Miele Domino

Width: 35.937 inches | Power: Natural gas | Smart capabilities: Yes | Self-cleaning: Yes

What we like:

  • 100 easy-to-use programs
  • Soft-open and soft-close doors
  • AirClean Catalyzer prevents grease buildup in the home

Worth noting:

  • Expensive for its size
  • Single oven unit
  • 2-year warranty

Why we chose it: A sleek, powerful range with high-level extras. 

The Miele M Touch Series has something for everyone, and it’s easy to see why it comes in as the best overall pick for dual fuel ranges. With 100 preprogrammed MasterChef functions that allow home cooks to make everything from pizza to turkey to baked goods at the touch of a button, the range almost does the heavy lifting for you. Other added bonuses include a self-cleaning function and an AirClean Catalyzer, which removes residual grease and odors from cooking and prevents buildup in the kitchen and on furniture. Some drawbacks: The warranty is relatively short, at only two years, and the unit has only a single oven, despite the high cost. Still, this lovely-to-look-at range is an incredibly high performer. 

Best Value: Forno Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

Forno Domino

Width: 36 inches | Power: Natural gas | Smart capabilities: No | Self-cleaning: No

What we like:

  • Convection cooking
  • 5 burners
  • Sealed burners contain spills and aid in cleaning

Worth noting:

  • No self-cleaning function
  • No timer
  • No temperature probe

Why we chose it: This five-burner range is affordable and easy to clean. 

Add a bit of professional pizzazz to your kitchen with this affordable and sizable best-buy stove from Forno, which still offers plenty of bells and whistles. The range’s convection-cooking function circulates hot air for faster, more even cooking. Continuous cast-iron grates make transferring heavy-duty pots and pans a breeze, and the five-burner range is useful for those seeking more space. Sealed burners also make cleanup a much less laborious process. Because this range is at a lower price point, there are some things consumers will have to live without, like a temperature probe, self-cleaning function, and even a kitchen timer, but the classic, industrial look will be a stylish addition to many kitchens. 

Best Double Oven: ZLine Autograph 48-Inch Dual Fuel Range

Zline Domino

Width: 48 inches | Power: Natural gas or liquid propane | Smart capabilities: No | Self-cleaning: No

What we like:

  • Lifetime warranty on burners
  • Arrives preassembled
  • 3-layered glass helps with visibility

Worth noting:

  • 1-year warranty on the range itself
  • Manual clean
  • No smart capabilities

Why we chose it: A sturdy double oven that can stand the test of time. 

ZLine really lives up to the “no fuss, no muss” adage, arriving preassembled and ready for installation. Unlike any other high-end dual fuel unit on the market, the appliance maker offers a lifetime warranty on its burners. (However, the range itself only comes with a one-year warranty, which is notably short.) Three-layered glass on the front panel is particularly useful in keeping grease at bay and allowing for visibility. This range also comes in white, black, and stainless steel, with a few different hardware finishes, so you can work within your overall kitchen design. Despite its size, ZLine is, however, a sparer brand: This range has no smart capabilities and requires manual cleaning, but it’s still one of the best double ovens for the price. 

Best Professional-Grade: Ilve 60-Inch Nostalgie Dual Fuel Range 


Width: 59.06 inches | Power: Natural gas or liquid propane | Smart capabilities: No | Self-cleaning: No

What we like:

  • 8 total burners and 4 oven racks, with a massive overall capacity
  • Tons of extras, including pizza settings, defrost settings, and intense cooking settings
  • Extremely customizable

Worth noting:

  • No self-cleaning option
  • No temperature probe
  • One of the largest units on the market; it requires a big kitchen

Why we chose it: This gorgeous, highly functional range is fit for a professional cook. 

For a kitchen with extra space, there is no more comprehensive range than the Ilve Nostalgie, one of but a handful of extra-wide dual fuel ranges on the market. With eight total burners, four oven racks, and 5.99 cubic feet of total capacity, this range was built for design-savvy people who love to cook. The Italian producer has included countless extras into this work of art, like an electric rotisserie, intense-cooking function, bottom-cooking function for pastries, and pizza-cooking function. Multiple enamel-coated colors and a stainless steel option come standard, but the units are also highly customizable (for a cost). Hardware options are equally design mindful, including brass, bronze, and chrome possibilities. Ilve’s Nostalgie range does have some minor drawbacks: The unit does not offer a self-cleaning option, nor does it come with a temperature probe. Even so, this extra-large range remains one of the more stunning available—and is surprisingly affordable for its size.

Best Compact: Café Professional Collection Slide-In Gas Range

cafe dual fuel

Width: 29.875 inches | Power: Natural gas | Smart capabilities: Yes | Self-cleaning: Yes

What we like:

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Mix-and-match handle hardware
  • Power boiler burner for faster boiling

Worth noting:

  • Expensive for its size
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not a freestanding unit

Why we chose it: A slim, design-forward model from a historically reliable brand.

GE’s luxury brand, Café, is everywhere these days, and that includes here in the category of dual fuel ranges. The Professional Collection’s 30-inch range offers many benefits, including tons of smart capabilities; in addition to Alexa compatibility, the unit syncs with Nest, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. The Café can also boil water in record time, includes a temperature probe and storage drawer, and has a self-cleaning option. The range is on the smaller side, and for a 30-inch unit, it does lean toward expensive. That said, the Café line is great for small, trendy kitchens, particularly if you want a customizable option, since the handle hardware can be ordered in multiple finishes including brushed copper, bronze, and stainless steel. 

Best Colors: Smeg Portofino Pro-Style Gas Range

Smeg Domino

Width: 30 inches | Power: Natural gas | Smart capabilities: No | Self-cleaning: No

What we like:

  • Convection with bottom heat, which works with all foods
  • Full-width grate for maximum use of stovetop space
  • Available in 8 colors

Worth noting:

  • Only 4 burners
  • No interior oven light
  • No self-cleaning

Why we chose it: A high-level range that comes in a rainbow of colors. 

Italian appliance maker Smeg is known for its boundary-pushing designs, in large and small appliances alike. The Portofino line of dual fuel ranges is available in eight sleek finishes that really pop (including cherry red, lemon yellow, and olive green). But these petite, 30-inch ranges are not just about the colorful bombast. They are high performers, with full-width grates for maximum use of the stovetop space, convection and bottom heat, and removable inner glass for easier cleaning. The Portofino is, it must be noted, a more economical model, without an interior oven light, but it would make an excellent addition to a colorful kitchen.

Best Luxe: La Cornue CornuFé 110 Range

La Cornue Domino

Width: 43 inches | Power: Natural gas or liquid propane | Smart capabilities: No | Self-cleaning: No

What we like:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Includes 4 oven racks, 2 enamel baking trays, and 1 trivet
  • 5 burners

Worth noting:

  • No glass window for viewing
  • Among the most expensive units on the market, for the size
  • Brass finish will patina with age

Why we chose it: An elegant, modern powerhouse with a vintage-inspired design. 

Not for the faint of wallet, the La Cornue CornuFé is among the more coveted dual fuel ranges available. (The CornuFé, it must be noted, is the entry-level line of the brand’s ranges, which can cost as much as a small house.) These enamel-coated ranges, which come in 12 elegant colors and are available in brass or mixed-metal hardware, include a five-year warranty, five burners, four oven racks, two enamel baking trays, and even a trivet. Ovens are equipped with seven total functions, including convection, defrosting, baking, and roasting. There’s also a storage drawer at the bottom. For those who like to watch food as it cooks, though, this model won’t permit such voyeurism. And while maintenance can keep it looking sharp, that shiny brass hardware will patina with age. In tune with the brand’s reputation for exclusive luxury, the CornuFé does remain rather expensive, especially compared with other models of the same size. 

How We Chose These Products

We researched a series of dual fuel ranges based on brand recognition and narrowed down our list according to performance. We looked for ranges that offer functions that are useful to the home cook, like convection, self-cleaning, and smart compatibility. The design also played a premium in deciding what to include and exclude on this list. 

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Our Shopping Checklist


“Just like anything in life, there are tons of options available,” says Tara Miller, owner of The Heartland Interior Design. “The beauty of dual fuel ranges is that they are more of a luxury item and, therefore, offered in a luxe variety of colors and finishes, while other brands do not have that offering on a standard range.” Of the many different customizations and style-specific options that homeowners can opt for, Miller mentions mixed metals, matte and glossy finishes, and powder-coated custom colors: “When we’re designing a kitchen with a dual fuel range, we treat it as the crown jewel of the kitchen, since it is such a work of art.” Shoppers should also consider the burner style and aesthetic, and whether or not they want a unit that is fingerprint-resistant. 


For cooking versatility, says Albert Fouerti, founder and CEO of Appliances Connection, BTUs (British thermal units) are the most important consideration. “On a 30-inch dual fuel range with five burners, for example, at least one should be a power burner (15,000+ BTUs) for searing or stir-frying, and one a simmer burner (300–1,200 BTUs),” he explains. This kind of versatility will give you the ability to use different types of techniques and cook different types of foods more easily. 

Oven Capacity and Overall Size

How much an oven can actually contain—measured in cubic feet—will make a vast difference when it comes to what you can cook. The larger the range, the larger the interior space, yes, but there are still differences in terms of how much a range holds. Shoppers should check the fine print and look for the oven capacity that best suits their needs. Regarding overall size, Miller says that this should absolutely be a primary consideration from the start. “After you’ve figured out what size works best for your space, you can think about what finishes tie into your space and what features you want from your range,” she notes, but the size has to be the first consideration, hands down.

Preprogrammed Options

Many ranges offer preprogrammed options (consider Ilve’s pizza- and intense-cooking settings, for instance), which allow easy cooking at the push of a button. These settings are a benefit and are typically only available on higher-end models, but you may want to seek them out when shopping. 

Self-Cleaning Function

Self-cleaning functions operate by sending a blast of hot air or steam into the oven cavity and releasing hardened food from the interior. These functions can be a great way to clean stubborn food and are a must for some devoted cooks. If you tend to run your range ragged, you may find that the self-clean option is nonnegotiable, so definitely check to see whether or not the unit you’re considering offers this upgrade. 

Ask Domino

Q: How important is design when it comes to a dual fuel range? 

As Miller notes, a luxury buy like a dual fuel range can—and should—be the most important visual piece in the kitchen. “There are many different colors and finish options these days, so you aren’t just limited to stainless,” she says. “You can choose almost any color under the sun.” Go with a range hood in a matching finish to bring it all together.

Q:  What are sealed burners, and what do they do? 

Sealed burners are most common in residential gas ranges,says Fouerti. “The burner is sealed to the base of the range. Open burners, found in commercial kitchens and restaurant-style ranges, are elevated above the drip pan; the fact that they are not sealed underneath lets oxygen pass through and results in higher BTUs.” Sealed burners do have some popularity in noncommercial kitchens, however, since they can be easier to clean. 

Q: Do people who regularly entertain prefer gas or electric ovens?

“Gas,” says Fouerti. “Cooking with fire is more of a show. If you’re going pro-style, you’ve already got this statement piece in your kitchen, so you might as well show how powerful your burners are!”

Q: Are gas ovens less energy efficient than electric ones?

Actually, gas is more energy efficient than electricity, but electric ovens produce more consistent and more even cooking. 

The Last Word

A dual fuel range can provide the best of both worlds: stovetop power from gas and internal precision from electric. Our top picks excel not only because of their features, but because of their beauty and what they add to the modern kitchen.