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Nicole Richie, founder of fashion brand House of Harlow 1960 (and early-aughts icon), is making heirloom quilts a fall staple again, but not necessarily on beds. In her second Etsy Creator Collab, Richie has curated a selection of holiday gifts you would truly want to receive (rather than regift or donate a year later). Think: red marble candleholders, fanciful dog beds, and agate candles. But the real standout is a capsule collection of quilts—or, more accurately, tactile works of art—made in the traditional style of Gee’s Bend. 

The stitching is a trademark of the Alabama-based Gee’s Bend artists—a community of Black women that dates back four generations. Each maker has her own trademark, which you can find sewn into the corner. For Richie’s Etsy partnership, she teamed up with Gee’s Bend’s certified quilters on the site to create blankets patchworked with leftover fabric from House of Harlow’s past collections.

With prices ranging from $800 to $8,000 and every stitch from beginning to end done by hand, these quilts are collector’s items meant to be displayed proudly on a wall rather than slept on. And it just so happens that we’ve found a few beautiful hangers to give these makers’ craftsmanship center stage.