Hilary Duff’s 2024 Reno Plans Include This Cocoon-Like Detail

Plus the unusual spot she loves to use a plug-in fragrance.
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Hilary Duff and the rest of the world have one thing in common: the love of vanilla-scented things. “I am such a vanilla person,” says Duff. But really, she’s such a fragrance person. She stepped into the world of aromatics back in 2006 when she debuted her first perfume, With Love… Hilary Duff. Now she’s bringing that same passion to the home as the chief brand director for Below 60°, a line of plug-in air-fragrance devices that rely on natural essential oils (not synthetics). “Now that I’m a 36-year-old and I have a family and run a household, it’s important to me how I’m represented when someone comes over to my house,” says Duff, “because my home is my sanctuary; it’s my safe, happy place.” 

The brand’s first launch includes three charmingly named scents: Mint Disco on Ice, If Citrus Were a Feeling, and—no surprise here—Vanilla Buys a Timeshare in Paradise. And Duff promises: This isn’t your “teenage Bath & Body Works vanilla.” Ahead, the actor shares the scents she swears by for different rooms, what she wants for the holidays, and her big 2024 renovation plans. 

Where You’ll Find Below 60° in My House

I love vanilla in the bedroom. I love citrus in the bathroom. And I have Mint Disco on Ice in all my kids’ closets. It’s sitting in that room marinating and then you’re like, “Oh, that smells kind of fresh.”

The Room I’ll Never Add Fragrance To

I don’t really love scents in my kitchen because I feel like so many things come out of the kitchen. 

On My 2024 Home To-Do List

I’m in the middle of a big renovation. We’ve added an [office] onto our downstairs that’s like a wood-paneled box on the inside with two doors that completely open into the wall and disappear. I never walk into a room without checking out all the details, so I really want the curtains mounted from the ceiling and for them to round every corner of the whole room. 

My Best Piece of Decorating Advice 

When I buy [a piece of clothing] that’s a reach for me, I’m like: When I’m 60, am I going to put this on to go to a dinner party? And I try to do that when I’m buying furniture, too.

What I’d Grab in a Fire

We live in [Los Angeles], so there’s at least two times per year where we’re like, “We’ve got to pack up.” I’ve gotten pretty good at packing passports and hard drives—the basics. I have a melting disco ball sculpture by Rotganzen—it’s really big, but I might try to grab that, too.

What I Want This Holiday Season

If my husband can read it here, I always want jewelry.

My Little Morning Luxury

My life revolves around packing snacks and lunches for my kids, so I keep orange blossom water [spray] in there. The first thing I do in the morning before I wake up and get the coffee on is open the fridge, because I’m about to start my routine and I just orange blossom up. 

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