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I am usually of the mindset that digestive affairs should be kept between one person and their toilet (or, bidet). But when it comes to maintaining a guest-friendly loo, avoiding topic No. 2 is tricky. Because certain circumstances can prevent us, creatures of mystery, from being as discreet about it as we’d like, I’m regularly on the lookout for products that help keep undesirable bathroom deeds under the radar. My latest and greatest discovery in this department is a fancy little bottle with quite the uncouth name: DedCool’s Poop Drops.

DedCool Poop Drops in Smiley Face Garden.

In 2016, DedCool founder Carina Chaz parlayed her passion for colognes into an assortment of carbon-neutral fragrances; she’s added hand soap, laundry detergent, and other statusy-smelling products over the years. This October, Poop Drops joined the fold at $25 a pop. That is, admittedly, a lot for a bottle of poo-be-gone, but there’s a laundry list of pros to outweigh the pricey con: It’s sustainably made, water-free, nontoxic, vegan, and long-lasting (more to come on that). Keep reading for my full review of why, after a few months of testing, I’m unashamed to declare the DedCool Poop Drops more than worth the 25-buck investment.

The Packaging

The cute 1-ounce glass bottle and milky-white dropper could easily be mistaken for any number of elevated toiletries—your Dr. Barbara Sturm Brightening Serum, your Standard Dose Tincture—thanks to a clean aesthetic that doesn’t feel gimmicky or stereotypical. A small label on the bottle does boldly claim ”Your “sh*t doesn’t stink,” but it’s an unexpected affirmation that feels more fabulous than cringey.

The Scent

DedCool Poop Drops in Red Dakota (left) and Taunt (right).

There are three scents to choose from: Taunt, a bergamot, vanilla, and amber concoction; Red Dakota, an aromatic trio of amber, bergamot, and gardenia; and the one I tested, Smiley Face Garden, a subtly sweet yet woodsy combination of guaiac wood, musk, and rose that smells good enough to wear.

The first thing I noticed was that the product doesn’t choke the life out of me like strong bathroom sprays I’ve tried in the past. Instead of a dense aromatic cloud lingering over the toilet and quickly dissipating, DedCool’s drops create a scent that gradually wafts throughout the air, noticeable even after a couple of hours post-use. Additionally, the formula is potent enough to completely eliminate any unpleasant odors without a loud spritzing sound that alerts everyone in the vicinity to your bathroom business.

After two months of using one to two drops a few times a week, I can confirm that the long-lasting reputation touted by the brand holds true. Months after installing a bottle in my bathroom, I’ve only made a dent in the full amount—I still have 75 percent of it left.

The Final Word

I didn’t think I’d ever type these words out, but here we are: I love Poop Drops. Aside from my one tiniest of gripes—removing the bottle top can be a bit frustrating if you don’t apply the correct amount of pressure—my bathroom now smells like a fancy hotel, regardless of whether or not there’s been any business.

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