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This Cord-Free Toothbrush Keeps My Vanity Counter (and My Teeth!) Superclean

Where there’s an outlet, there’s a way.
mode toothbrush
Courtesy of Mode

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Here’s the truth: I’ll never be happy about brushing my teeth. Of all the basic hygiene tasks, it’s always the one I look forward to the least, and no toothbrush will ever change that. On the list of things that do bring me joy, however, a clutter-free home ranks pretty high. So when I heard that the Mode toothbrush didn’t require any room on the counter or in the medicine cabinet, I perked up and thought: Well, that’s one less reason to hate this daily chore. Here’s how the brush that promises to keep both my vanity and teeth gleaming stacks up.

The Mode combines brushing, wireless charging, and a nightlight in one unit, and the reason it doesn’t hog up precious surface real estate is that the gadget plugs right into a wall socket with a magnetic dock. When the light in the room is low enough, the brush is backlit by a soft glow that makes it look like a supermodern mini sconce. Then with a smooth 90-degree-twist counterclockwise, the brush rotates to reveal the outlet’s additional socket. The monochromatic, matte black design rivals some of my best branded beauty products—I may not like brushing my teeth, but at least I’ll look good doing it. 

mode toothbrush and dock

The best part is that the Mode comes straight out of the box with a 100 percent charge (great for people like me who have no patience after unboxing a new toy) and can run off of full battery power for up to 30 days (also great for people who notoriously forget to charge everything). As for the brushing part, the only snag I encountered was that the singular mode, which operates at 38,000 sonic vibrations per minute, was a little powerful for my polishing preferences. Pro tip: Don’t switch it on until it’s in your mouth or you’ll end up with a Pollock-style mirror. Now that I’ve got the hang of it, my teeth and my counter are so much easier to deep clean. 

Mode Toothbrush

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