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Why should kids get all the clean notebooks, new backpacks, and fresh pens? As fall approaches and back-to-school season arrives, this week we’re rounding up our favorite office items that will give your desk or WFH space new life.

As one of Domino’s summer interns, you could say I know a thing or two about what makes a backpack great: It has to be sleek and stylish, of course, but most important, it has to be durable. In between lectures, dance recitals, subway rides, and even international travel, I need something that will last longer than graduation day. And I’m not proud to admit that I went through my previous backpack in one year because it started literally tearing at the seams. 

Fortunately, I have a close friend who is not only handy with a sewing machine but who recently became obsessed with a sustainable bag brand she asserts is all the rage in Europe. (She’s German.) Yet her suggestion, a slim seafoam green backpack, seemed almost too cute and compact to handle any wear and tear.

So I gave it the, um, college try. After all, the Got Bag Daypack is chic-looking, well priced (just under $100), and sustainably made from recycled ocean plastics. To put it to the test, I stuffed it in gym lockers; tucked it under airplane seats (it still leaves a remarkable amount of legroom); and took it on sweaty mountain hikes, Citi Bike rides, subway adventures—and even to a bar once. Needless to say, we’ve been through a lot together, and believe it or not, it still looks just like new. 

That’s mostly because it’s made with a weatherproof, water-resistant recycled ocean plastic fabric, so the Daypack is not only stylish but incredibly durable. Plus it’s not some hard case that’s heavy on my back; it’s comfortable. The backpack is designed with a padded back and straps, so I appreciate not feeling it digging into my shoulders—especially since I have always been the kind of person who likes to come prepared, consequently stuffing my bag to the brim. 

And while donning a typical backpack ends up in me looking like a turtle, Got Bag backpacks strategically maximize space while maintaining a sturdy and slim shape. Made with extra pockets on the inside—including a laptop sleeve and a zipper compartment—I am able to squeeze my laptop, planner, purse, reading glasses, laptop charger, and a pencil case all into the slender bag. 

When I brought it on a trip to Europe this summer (it even has a strap on the back so you can slide it onto luggage handles), I noticed Got Bags speckling the streets. Upon my arrival, the flight attendant even complimented me on my choice of color—she owns the larger black version.

After spotting several Got Bags on the streets of Freiburg, attached to college students and working professionals alike, I’d never been more excited to have been part of a crowd.