The One Candle Molly Baz and Ben Willett Will Never Regift

Unless it’s this iconic scent, it’s got to go.

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Being rebellious just comes naturally to Molly Baz and Ben Willett. Baz, a cookbook author, food personality, and the cover star of our recently launched Work & Play issue, and Willett, a creative director and spatial designer, have each carved a path so specifically them it’s truly impossible to replicate.

“I think that we do things our way,” Baz tells Domino deputy editor Julie Vadnal in the first episode of season two of Design Time: The Rebellious Ones (out now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “It’s never been a conscious act of rebellion, but I do spend a lot of time making sure that what I’m putting out in the world is uniquely me—that if I were to drop off the face of the planet, you couldn’t just replace me with someone else and not have noticed.” 

In the episode, Baz and Willett open up about the fears of going freelance; a $60 Home Depot accordion door hack they’re really proud of; and their most recent collaboration: designing their own food-themed Los Angeles abode, which features a butter-colored kitchen and Caesar salad bathroom—iconic, we know. They also hung around to answer a few Never Have I Ever questions. Here’s a sneak peek.

Never have I ever…hung my own wallpaper.

Willett: Never.

Baz: Never.

Never have I ever…bought a neon bar sign.

Willett: Not bought—we got a custom one made that says “Real Butter” from this old theater in upstate New York, where Molly grew up. It’s sentimental.

Baz: Ben is a popcorn fanatic, and when we first went to that movie theater, he was like, “Oh, my God, that sign.” And this was—just to be clear—seven or eight years ago, so forgive us. I got it made for him as a gift. It has since been retired because neons are neons, and there’s no place for neons in this home.

Never have I ever…fought with a significant other over a decor item.

Baz: Oh, for sure. Yes, I have.

Willett: Oh, yes, she has.

Baz: Yes, we have. We will fight over furniture forever.

Never have I ever…regifted a candle.

Willett: I think I’ve done that.

Baz: Unless it’s Le Labo, because that’s the only scent we really like.