If you’re still struggling with carving out a work-from-home space, you’re not alone. Hilary Duff shared a photo on Instagram of the “small thinking space/office,” as she calls it, that she squeezed into her bedroom after turning her former office into a nursery for her daughter. 


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The good thing is you don’t need that much to convert a corner into a cozy HQ. All it took was a brass floating desk and two matching floating shelves “so everything still felt very light and sleek,” she wrote. The actor collaborated with Los Angeles–based interior design studio Maison Ko to bring her vision to life, but if bespoke isn’t in the budget, we’ve rounded up a few good-looking store-bought shelves that can easily act as desks. You’re welcome! 

Expandable Shelves

String Work Desk Shelving, Design Within Reach ($531)

This Design Within Reach option is great if you need a small (or big) storage area above your desk—the airy wire “ladders” allow you to effortlessly slot in shelves of all shapes and sizes. 


A Floating Desk for Less Than a Dinner Out

Wall mounted drop leaf table, Ikea ($39)

When folded down, this $39 IKEA wall-mounted desk becomes a ledge for a speaker and a vase or two. You can hardly do better if you want to save space. 

A Wood and Brass Combo

Sector Desk, Ferm Living ($469)

Ferm Living’s Sector desk comes with brass brackets that immediately elevate its simple oak surface. It’s the best choice if you tend to hoard papers and pens: This one can hold up to 44 pounds. Who said that floating desks were only for tidy people?  

The Sculptural Option

Rail Desk, Burke Decor ($389)

If architectural vibes are what you’re looking for, this Burke Decor Rail desk is for you. (The minimalist steel bracket is inspired by a modern stairway banister.) Plus the piece can be turned into an extra kitchen counter if/when you have to return to a real office.