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In New York City kitchens, storage might be the only thing harder to come by than reasonable rent prices—even Carrie Bradshaw used her oven to house sweaters. Getting creative in order to keep clutter in check is crucial for real-life New Yorkers, too. But we’re not talking about under-the-bed storage bins or Marie Kondo–ing your belongings. We’re recommending you make use of a spot you might not have thought could pull double duty: your kitchen window.  

Page’s kitchen, before.

Anna Page, a content creator based in Manhattan, wanted the coastal grandmother vibe of a Nancy Meyers kitchen, but a mounted pot rail was out of the question. “Our ceilings are so low we would have just kept knocking our heads into pans,” she says, laughing. Plus a standard pole would have run the renter upwards of $500—a price well out of her budget. Instead Page thought inside the box, determined to find a way to make use of her only kitchen window (and block some of the not-so-gorgeous alley view). “I was too afraid of a fire hazard to add a curtain,” she says. “But I still wanted to decorate every inch.”

Her solution: a miniature brass bar (found on Etsy) installed with standard wall anchors and screws to the window molding. It holds a trio of small copper pots that Page likes to use to cook breakfast. Above, Command strips keep the pane’s glass safe while allowing her to display a piece of vintage artwork. “It helps the rod feel a lot less random,” she explains. If you’re worried about blocking light, secure the rail on the lower half of the window frame to maximize those precious rays.

Page’s window, after.

While at first glance the addition may not seem rental-friendly, she insists the project is less permanent than it looks. (Page’s landlord has asked her to please stop calling when she wants to change things and instead to ask forgiveness later.) Her tried-and-true trick of stuffing the small holes with paper towels before spackling will leave the marks completely untraceable. Rest assured that your security deposit will be as secure as the new home for your favorite egg pan. 

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