Published on February 26, 2019

The nightstand is easily the most underrated piece of bedroom furniture. Often the first thing we glance at in the morning and the last thing we see before bed, the right one can be the difference between a messy wake-up call and a relaxing wind-down.

Aside from style, a good nightstand checks three boxes. Above all else, it should be reliable. After all, it’s the one place we trust to house our most valuable bedside possessions—alarm clock, phone, books, and all. Our bedside companion should also complement our everyday routine: Do you need a table with ample storage and hidden drawer space for all your books, for instance, or a single, streamlined surface for fresh florals and a small notepad? Finally—and most importantly—a good nightstand should accommodate your budget.

We know that nightstands can range from the astoundingly cheap to the absurdly expensive. That’s why we sought out the best bedside tables at every price point. Doze off to a $50 save or snuggle up to a serious splurge—we won’t judge your bedtime habits either way.

Under $200

If tangled chargers are the one thing standing in the way between you and a good night’s sleep, consider this Scandinavian-approved staple. The Selje nightstand lets you run power cords through the back for a tech-free snooze.

The intricately carved shapes that adorn the door of this glam nightstand promise to deliver any depth and texture that your bedspread might lack.

If Kondo’ing your bedside mess isn’t panning out as you had expected, consider starting fresh with a simplified statement table that—thanks to its dissimilar tiers and small size—won’t let clutter accumulate. Tip: Opt for an overhead light instead of a bulky bedside lamp with this streamlined piece.

While designed with a record collection in mind, this powder-coated metal table isn’t just for music lovers. The bracketed rack beneath can be used to house large books and glossy magazines.


As its clever name suggests, Cologne-based designer Karoline Fesser’s Hide Table allows minimalists in the making to conceal the interior compartments with a simple rotation of the outer shell.

There’s nothing to feel blue about here. Top this bold bedroom companion with an equally graphic vase or lamp that picks up on its distinctive curvature.  

Seemingly designed for bibliophiles, this table boasts a built-in shelf for storing of-the-moment reads. Night owls will find powering through those last 100 pages a breeze.

Not all side tables can effortlessly double as nightstands, but this sculptural living room staple can go 50-50.


Check off hidden storage without sacrificing precious floor space with this breezy, beachy find—the perfect squeeze between the edge of the bed and the wall.

This sleek, lacquered nightstand will feel instantly at home in any whitewashed bedroom. Don’t let its lack of color fool you: Its high-gloss finish is a recipe for impact.

The warm tones and crisp black finishes that constitute this luxe-looking table will make early morning wake-up calls less of a drag.

Manifest a solid night’s rest with an extra-sturdy side table that can stand alone as a sculptural addition in the bedroom.


Topped with Carrera marble and framed by lacquered metal, this Swedish-designed nightstand strikes the perfect balance between industrial minimalism and contemporary sophistication.

Beauty and utility inform each of Kalon Studios’ impeccably crafted pieces. The balanced blend explains the effortlessly cool and versatile nature of this laidback nightstand.

Inspired by everyday patterns, British print artist Richard Woods’ colorful and abstract twist on wood grain block serves this night table by designer Sebastian Wrong well. A collaboration like this is what sweet dreams are made of.

Egg Collective’s minimalist approach to furniture design is elevated by the use of exquisite materials and fine attention to detail. This nightstand is worth the investment for its size, storage capabilities, and sheer beauty.

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