Published on September 7, 2020

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Courtesy of Cody Guilfoyle

By now you’ve long settled into your work-from-home life, and whether you’re enjoying your newfound flexibility or accepting your remote fate, your office’s reopening is probably far away on a distant horizon. Our routines have all inevitably changed with this new reality, but for many people one thing is true: You’re probably sitting a lot more than you used to.

The lack of a commute really adds up, even if you are taking a daily walk around the neighborhood. One recent study conducted in Ireland shows that more than half of remote workers now sit for nearly three hours longer a day, compared to their old workdays, and warns that extended periods of sitting increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. These findings are a good reminder to get up and move—and one thing that can help with that is a standing desk.

Sure, they aren’t necessarily a miracle solution, but they can reduce the risk of back pain in addition to the negative side effects of sitting, such as cardiovascular disease, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Just don’t forget to increase your steps, too. Here are a few options to try, depending on your work-from-home style.

If You Move Around Often

You can use this option as a lap desk in bed or on a sofa, but you can also place it on a tabletop and raise its height so it works as a standing desk—making it easier for you to alternate your workspace throughout the day.

If You Need a Big Work Surface

Surprise—IKEA sells an adjustable standing desk. You can alter its height with a simple crank, so you can use it while standing or sitting. And best of all, its spacious tabletop is big enough for a large monitor, keyboard, and all the paperwork you need at the ready.

If You’re All About Proper Posture

For ergonomic purposes, maybe you’ve long sworn off your laptop’s keyboard, opting instead for a detachable one that makes hours of work more comfortable. In that case, this converter is perfect for you.

If You’re Open to a Big Redecorating Moment

Most standing desks very obviously look like standing desks—but this tall table is subtle enough to fit in the corner of your living room. Pair it with tall stools, and you can stand or sit at it.

If You’re Willing to Make an Investment

This desk, made of birch plywood, was designed to reduce strain and fatigue, and it can conveniently be adjusted to several different heights. Plus its relatively compact design makes it perfect for a small home office.

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