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Part shared workspace, part social club, The Wing redefines that a woman’s place can be with each new interactive and intimate outpost it unveils. With New York City, Los Angeles, DC, and San Francisco already under its belt, the women-focused haven has made its midwest debut. Situated in the Fulton Market district, The Wing Chicago is nothing shy of workplace goals.

“My main source and initial point of inspiration for the design was Frank Lloyd Wright, who built his career in Chicago,” says Laetitia Gorra, head of interior design for The Wing. “What I really was drawn to was his use of muted tones, geometric shapes, and open floor plans.”

More obvious references to Chicago icons—including Ida B. Wells and Valerie Jarrett—can be found on the doors of conference rooms, while nods to nearby monuments grace the surfaces of custom wallpaper. The space is an ode to both history and the women who continue to carry the torch today.

“Our incredible branding and design team goes into each space thinking about the inspiration behind a city: Who are the unsung heroes? Who are the people we hope would be Wing members? Who embodies the characteristics of ambitious, hard-working women?” explains Zara Rahim, senior director of strategic communication for The Wing.

The Wing Chicago is a design dream fueled by signature hits of peachy apricots, lounge-worthy sofas, and references to design greats. Here are a few standout moments members in the Windy City will enjoy. 

Seating That Exceeds Your Needs

After nailing a functional layout for the 8,600-square-foot space, Gorra focused her attention on finding the perfect balance between work and lounge seating. “This is the first space where I’ve tried to mix work-type tables with comfortable seating, as opposed to just putting comfortable seating around coffee tables,” she says. 

Most of the furnishings in the space are custom-made—and for good reason. “That really gave me the ability to design with women in mind,” she continues. “The average height of women is 5’4”, so I thought, ‘How can I design chairs or alter a chair’s height and depth so that women are comfortable sitting for hours on end and working ergonomically?’”

Members can find their perfect chair for every type of mood or task. 

Iconic Interiors, Reimagined

Gorra reinterpreted Wright’s penchant for bold geometric shapes and vivid color combinations through a contemporary lens. Design buffs will spot nods to the famed architect’s signature style in The Wing’s entryway tiles and the graphic Maharam fabric used for the banquette. “When I saw that pattern in the muted colors, I knew it was a perfect fit,” Gorra says of the print. “It was something I pulled a lot from.”

Rooms for Work/Life Balance

While the main workspace is essentially one large room with a cafe, elsewhere, members will discover a retail hub, small lounge areas, beauty rooms, and even a small nook for mothers who want to enjoy a quiet moment with their little one or pump in a soothing, quiet space.

“It’s supposed to feel like an extension of your home,” says Gorra. “I spent many hours pumping in storage rooms at previous jobs so that was an amazing thing for me to design. Hopefully, it’s something we will start to see in other places.”

In the days leading up to their official opening on April 11, The Wing Chicago will host a number of impact events for members, including a reach-out program on gun safety. Potential members can learn more about the brand’s coworking amenities and the application process online.  

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