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Women’s coworking spaces and leadership programs have enjoyed a boom since 2016, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Earlier this week, a new club, Chief, opened the doors to its Clubhouse in Tribeca, launching a private network for female leaders to gain career coaching and support as they push into hierarchies of business that have largely remained boys’ clubs.

courtesy of chief

Founded by Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, who were executives at Amazon and Casper respectively, Chief’s Clubhouse isn’t so much a coworking space as it is a place for leadership salons and workshops specifically targeted for women who hope to enter the C-Suite in their respective industries. Already, there is a long waiting list to join and a founding group of 200 members.

courtesy of Chief

Membership prices are tiered for C-suite and VP-level executives, and the majority of members receive sponsorship through their companies, but grants are also available for members for whom sponsorship is not an option.

The design of the space by The Springs Collective is of particular interest, inverting some traditional styles that have been found in boardrooms and clubhouses of the past. A palette of dark green and warm brown evoke images of old-school men’s lounges, but fresh, contemporary silhouettes and warm textiles (think: velvet and buttery leather) upgrade that inspiration.

courtesy of Chief

“We drew initial inspiration from the green rooms of conferences, where we have experienced some of the most thoughtful and interesting dialogues with professional contemporaries,” says Kaplan. “The clubhouse was designed to capture this atmosphere and energy to spark conversation—with a focus on community, not coworking. By redefining the traditional brawn of leather and rich hunter green, our goal was to create a secret, off-limits space that feels at once upscale, timeless, intimate, and relaxing.”

If anything is certain, in Chief’s Clubhouse, the boardroom is anything but boring.

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