the best beds for tiny studios

the best sleeping nooks in homes where space is scarce.

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Getting creative with small spaces is something of a sport for us. We’re always so impressed with the cozy areas for sleeping that can emerge in even the tiniest studio apartments. This is a collection of some of our favorites, starting with the dreamy space above. This nook has a glass wall to make it feel like its own unique space within the studio. One photo really doesn’t do it justice…see the whole apartment here!

The addition of space for books to this loft bed makes it delightfully multi-purpose in a space that needs all the extra storage it can get!

If you don’t want to loft the bed, then perhaps the office? Perfect symmetry and balance here makes an above-bed office look elegant and functional.

If you’re going to be a bed in the middle of a room, then be a bed in the middle of a room, knowwhatimean?

An excellent loft bed, of course, but notice the three extra beds, just in case. Genius use of space in a guest or vacation house, if you ask us.

Oh great, I’ve always wanted to live in outer space. This pod-like sleeping cove didn’t always exist. This is one before/after you really need to see to believe. Check out the whole space!


You know what we could really use in here? Some more floor space. No problem, let me just make the bed disappear entirely real quick…

Before you see this as just any other loft bed, please note the sneaky little shelf/nightstand for your glasses and iPhone. Mmhmm.

Another wonderful example of carving out a nook that’s strictly for sleeping. Privacy curtain not required, but encouraged. This one specifically keeps natural light at bay for those rare times when it’s not welcome.

Really maximizing every inch of room, the carved out sleeping nook in this space added cabinetry above to ensure no space went wasted, and also conveniently add nighttime reading light.

This space doesn’t accept one-or-the-other. The lofted bed allows for home office space, so that the rest of the room can take on a more living-room feel.

Um wow. Under-loft closets are one of our favorite ways to both store clothing and ensure you can actually see your belongings, even in a studio apartment. Those sweaters won’t get much airtime if they’re packed away, will they? Psssst…you can rent this one!