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Two-toned walls and space-conscious furniture make the living area of this tiny house feel plentiful. Light pouring in from a window placed high adds openness and a sense of welcome. 

Not a bad view from above! This tiny house loft bed looks down on a space that makes room for work, too. This desk doubles as a dining table or a spot to entertain (a few!) guests when the workday is over. 

A cushion-covered bench seat provides coziness and functional, multi-use seating. This would be our reading nook, for sure. This home also makes excellent use of windows, as you’ll see in the next photo. 

Also from the same tiny house, we love the use of windows here. Light from this angle makes the sleeping area feel like a loft, not a crawl space. 

No inch of tiny house space should be wasted. Modern fixtures and storage solutions ensure this home has room for everything–including the kitchen sink. A collapsable dish drainer could be placed next to the sink after dinner, otherwise it’s the perfect spot for a small appliance during meal-prep.

Straying from convention completely, this unique space is what happens when summer camp grows up. Adorned on all sides with windows, this multi-level space invites a bit of mischief. (This is a real place that exists and the next time you find yourself in Argentina, we suggest you stay here.) 

Most tiny home beds are found in a lofted space, but we love how this retractable bed tucks away under the kitchen when not in use. Pulled out partially, it’s a couch! This option is good for anyone who doesn’t care for ladders or steep tiny house stairs. 

Each stair in this staircase holds a genius storage nook perfect for books or off-season clothing. The addition of storage allows each stair to be a bit wider than we normally see in tiny homes. 

Not all tiny houses feel like cabins in the woods. This one embraces modern,

minimalist decor

, which is both functional and aesthetically logical in a tiny home. 

In a tiny home, you can never have too many skylights. Or shelves! This beautifully finished home makes excellent use of space at every level. Do you spy a sliding barn door?