This Celeb-Loved Sunglass Brand Built a Tiny House On Wheels

And it could be coming to a city near you.

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This latest mobile retail experience takes on-the-go shopping to a whole new level. New Orleans-based eyewear company KREWE has launched Tiny House, a 154 square foot showroom that’s officially hitting the road for 2017. Who knew fashion brands could go on tour?

The mobile showroom debuted back in early March to coincide with SXSW in Austin, Texas but is continuing its nation-wide road trip with its first stop at the French Quarter Fest in New Orleans, from April 6th to April 9th.

The Tiny House was designed as an exact replica of a shotgun home, which blends the company’s native New Orleans’ architecture with Afro-Caribbean lineage. Inside, fans of the brand will recognize the welcoming hospitality vibe KREWE’s storefronts in NOLA and Savannah, Georgia are known for. They will also be able to purchase items from the brand’s iconic sun collection —Beyoncé and Emma Watson are fans— as well as from their newly-launched optical assortment.

“Our goal at KREWE is to take the simple things we love, and do them better. The Tiny House movement encourages this idea of living simply and through experiences that enrich our quality of life,” said KREWE founder and creative director Stirling Barrett. “KREWE has interpreted this into a non-traditional mobile retail experience, and we’re excited to reach our customers in a new way, wherever they might be.”

This isn’t the first time the eyewear brand went mobile: back in 2013, it debuted a custom-built KREWE Cart that included a bicycle attached to a lightbox that became a fixture at New Orleans festivals. And proving a wide range when it comes to crafting unique shopping experiences, it also opened the Sunroom: a glass cube that was part-showroom and by-appointment-only store.

Want to stop by and witness the Tiny House for yourself? The mobile store is coming to a heap of cities across the country, from Los Angeles to New York, stopping at festivals and events along the way. Stay tuned.

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