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There are compact homes that have it all, and then there’s the Tiny Adventure Home. Created by the Portland-based luxury design firm, Tiny Heirloom, this 24-foot-long and 8.5 foot-wide space has a modern, industrial-style design with a Mediterranean-luxury feel that’s far from one’s normal expectations of a mobile home.

Tiny Heirloom specializes specifically in luxury tiny homes on wheels, making it their mission to create a one-of-a-kind space for clients that celebrates their individual needs and passions. Enter this Mississippi-based couple, whose passion for adventure paved way for their tiny home: a place where they could celebrate their love for the outdoors and fulfill their desire to entertain.

In a larger space, most would opt for a home gym, but in a tiny space, it’s necessary to get creative: hence, the home’s exterior rock climbing wall. This addition was not only the design team’s biggest splurge (⅓ of the cost of the entire home!), but it was also the biggest challenge. They had to figure out a way to attach it to the home while making sure it wasn’t too heavy, ensure that it was waterproof, and keep the price affordable.

The spa-like bathroom is especially lust-worthy. Designed to have a slightly more relaxing feel than the rest of the home, the natural wood and soothing tones are meant to bring a zen-like aesthetic into the stylish space. Jacuzzi jets line the corner tub for the ultimate escape from the couple’s adventure-filled lifestyle.

To make sure the home can host guests for entertaining without feeling cramped, the couple opted to maximize these spots to make them the focal point of the home. In the kitchen, blue cupboards and blue tile accents reflects the couple’s desire to bring a Mediterranean vibe into their sleek, modern space.

Designers made the most of the home by getting creative with their innovations. With a push of a button, the dining room table automatically lifts up or lowers down. When lowered, there’s enough room to fit a queen size bed or to even create a cozy lounge area for guests.

Tiny Heirloom certainly doesn’t sacrifice luxury living or style when designing a tiny, traveling home–proving that compact living is, in fact, just as amazing as it looks.

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