tiny house obsession: 11 new spaces we love

tiny designs to inspire a big change.

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Careful attention to the interior can make a tiny home feel unique, where some can have a generic “cabin” feel. You’ll find lots of room to cook (and you thought you couldn’t have a full-size stove!), and even entertain in this bright and welcoming tiny house.  (And you need to see the sleeping loft on the next slide)!

While some tiny house sleeping lofts can feel a bit claustrophobic, this one includes plenty of windows and feels very open.

It’s a tree house. We’ll say no more.

Okay, maybe a little more. We love the romance and coziness of this tiny treasure in a tree!

House bus! Sometimes our favorite tiny homes are built into existing vehicles like airtreams, trailers, or even an old school bus. The low benches make the ceilings feel a bit more breathable. This one has fun little details, plus plenty of room for the dog…

…and the cat! Explore the home here.

It means a lot when your tiny home feels welcoming. Downsizing to a small space shouldn’t mean giving up all opportunity to have visitors come over and be comfortable. We love the layout of this clever space, and the fact that it includes room for two armchairs, without feeling crowded.

Were you afraid of tiny house bathrooms? We get it, we really do, but how precious is this?

Innovative design permits this tiny home‘s kitchen to feel not that different from a traditional kitchen, honestly. See what they did differently on the next slide.

Curving of the roof allowed for storage options and cool touches we haven’t seen yet.

It’s easy to see why this Oregon cabin was designed specifically for a writer. (You’ll see what we mean on the next slide).

Yeah…we’d get a lot of work done here.

Inspired by boat design, this tiny home brought in plenty of smart design to run efficiently (and off the grid)!

At $77,000, this boat-inspired home is quite pricey for a tiny house, but still comes in much lower than traditional real estate.

Taking a more modern approach to design, this tiny house is on the larger side of tiny, and still makes every inch of space count. (More on next slide).

Open, efficient, and chic, we love all the smart storage panels built in.

This South African space really pushes the boundaries of conventional tiny house design. We love to see innovation in small spaces and can’t wait to see the trends that spaces like this inspire. (More on next slide)!

We can’t even.

Tiny or not, we want to live here. (Hello washer/dryer, we see you)! Explore more of this space here.

Yes, that’s a roof deck on top of a tiny house.

Room for a porch, too! This charming home makes room for all of the essentials (including a TV), and doesn’t skimp on counter space either.

If you’re not a fan climbing a ladder to get to a sleeping loft, a design like this might be more your style.