9 modern mobile homes we want RN

who needs a mansion, anyway?

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There’s no denying small space living and minimalist design are trending—and show no signs of fading into the distance. In fact, our spaces seem to be getting even smaller and our hoarder-like tendencies? They’re long gone, which has us looking to the tiniest mobile homes, trailers, and campers. With vintage appeal, these renovated, modern spaces are becoming increasingly desirable. Don’t believe us? Flip through nine of our favorite modern mobile homes and see for yourself.

school bus turned vacation home

Yep, a couple living in British Columbia purchased this vintage school bus after decor they bought for a smaller VW van was too large to fit. The result? A beautifully decorated vintage mixed with modern school bus that sleeps two.

el cosmico

El Cosmico is quickly becoming part of the Marfa experience. The campgrounds host mobile homes, teepees, yurts, and tents, complete with communal kitchen, dining area, and hammock grove. Each of the 10 trailers on site have their own distinct vibe and amenities—and we strongly suggest checking every single one out before you make a decision on where to stay.

a glam camper

While this “glamper” is only 350 square foot, you would never be able to tell by the photos. The couple made the most of their small space with sleek, modern appliances and design, favoring pops of bright color. We’d sleep in this cute camper any night!

malibu dream airstream

Yep, that’s who you think it is. For just $400 per night, you can stay in the trailer that was featured in Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss’s Vogue cover shoot. Notoriety aside, the views are unbeatable from the chic patio and the gut renovated Airstream is impeccably decorated.

luxury mobile home on the beach

This isn’t just any luxury mobile beach home, it’s a mobile home sitting on prime beachfront property on the coast of France—just about three miles from the beaches of St. Tropez, to be exact. It sleeps six people and is only $144 per night, which is making the temptation to book a flight awfully hard to resist. Did we mention there’s a porch, too?

a bohemian-chic mobile home

We’re pretty positive this spacious 600 square foot trailer is larger than many New Yorker’s current apartments, which has us rethinking EVERYTHING! After a dramatic redesign, the kitchen, living room, and bathroom are all stunning examples of why sleek, modern design (with a touch of chic bohemian) works.

bohemian trailer

This tiny bohemian trailer is the definition of ‘60s

bohemian decor

Bright colors stand in stark contrast to the white-walled space, which is just fine with us.

build your own

Hofmann Architecture offers professional services to redesign your very own trailer. This particular model you see here was renovated to be a hotel suite at the Santa Barbara Auto Camp. It sleeps four, has a TV, and a standalone bath tub, which is impressive, to say the least.

revamped airstream trailer

This 1978 Excella was renovated by an architect and a designer, which includes a full size bed, dining area, and ombre pink walls (to create the illusion of more space). While we might not want to move into the trailer anytime soon, we wouldn’t be mad about copying their wall color or strategy.

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