Published on October 20, 2016

Tiny homes are inspiring no matter how swoon worthy their design is. As we all know, paring down your belongings to such an extreme is no small feat. But these homes, as you might have guessed, are impressive, and not solely for their lack of square footage. There is so much style packed into such tiny spaces, we can’t help but consider downsizing half our belongings and committing to a tiny home of our own. Keep reading for 11 of our favorites.


contemporary on wheels


A wall of windows with a patio and bar design is just half of what we love about this tiny house on wheels. The inside features storage stairs and chic lofted bedding.


bohemian treehouse


Minutes from Atlanta, Georgia, this house is actually three bedrooms in the trees. It was recently featured on Treehouse Masters Ultimate Treehouses, so you know it’s legit. Television fame aside, the bohemian-inspired decor, excess of string lights, and Parachute bedding are all what really make this space special.


colorful texan home


When we featured these brightly-colored stairs in our list of favorite patio ideas, we had no idea the home was just 370 square feet. Proving that no matter how small the space, no color is off limits.


all-white bungalow


This 230 square foot home is basically a bedroom and a tiny kitchen. But rather than forcing too much into the space, Lauren Henno chose to live minimally—and in a light and airy, all-white space.


normandy cottage


This teeny, tiny little cottage is cheating a bit. See, it only features one bedroom with a fireplace. The rest of the amenities are located in the home nearby. But we just had to include it, because it sits in the center of gardens and is incredibly picturesque.


impressive venice beach cottage


As far as we’re concerned, whitney leigh Morris is basically the queen of small space living Her 362 square foot apartment was the location of her wedding and she even converted a closet into a nursery. We can see you nodding in agreement.


rustic meets modern home


How impressive is it that this living room looks straight out of a regularly-sized home? The rest of the Portland home, showcased on Tiny House Nation, is equally as cool.


stunning cabin


Who needs a big cabin, anyway? The whole point is to either be cozy inside next to the fire or out exploring. This rustic, but modern design has us thinking we’d prefer the former activity.


clean, contemporary seattle home


This house packs more cool into a tiny space than most people do in one room. It’s filled with thoughtful objects and expertly designed for maximum, multifunctional use. There’s also a fireplace and a lush vegetable garden.


shingled berkshires cottage


This tiny, round cottage, located in Western Massachusetts, looks even cuter on the inside. Oh yeah, it’s also near a lily pond. We want to live there, too.


bitty berkeley bungalow


Though there’s no bathroom in this 200 square foot home (which is technically a garage unit of a real home!), we’ve included it because creative small space design doesn’t get better than this.