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Photography by DITTE ISAGER

Holiday cheer and square footage don’t always see eye-to-eye. If hosting cocktail parties around the holidays is totally your thing, you don’t need a massive apartment (because really, who has one), in order to throw a well stocked fete. Read on for tiny home bar inspiration you can create in your own spirited space.

First, this foldable tray might hold a role as your bed table all other nights of the year, but for one night only it will be topped with essentials far more fun than a charging cell phone and water carafe.


All you need is a surface as big as a tray, and hosting essentials can go anywhere. This mobile bar option allows you to move the focal point of the party to where people are gathering.


Photography by Monica Wang Photography for The Everygirl

Don’t overthink (or over offer) your glassware. Set out an amount to serve those you know are coming, and only pull out extras if necessary. This will save valuable surface area for punch or the makings of your custom cocktail.

Photography by Apartment Therapy

This option makes good use of vertical space, and divides bar essentials into compartments. While a luxurious, styled home bar might be more visually appealing, this one is full of function, without taking up too much floor space better saved for mingling.

Photography by Paul Costello

Repurpose! Your coffee table can’t be hidden all night, so it might as well make itself useful. Set up your bar and light bites on a table otherwise taking up space. End tables and an entry console can lend a hand, too!

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

Ah, the classic Ikea option. Space-concious, mobile, and cute, this bar is nothing short of essential for those of us in small homes. A better option when you’re not serving something in a large punch bowl, this is the ideal place to set out spirits best enjoyed alone or on the rocks.


Photography by Lush Home

And then there’s wall space. Hanging bar-appropriate shelving, or repurposing existing shelves, will ensure guests have easy access to their drink of choice all night.

Photography by Apartment Therapy

Also making good use of vertical space, we love this narrow shelving unit and its ability to serve a crowd without crowding the crowd. If you have room for two, we’d set up two mini bars on opposite sides of the party space.


Even small bars can be well stocked. Add champagne or wine to your spirit bottles in small quantities, and keep an eye on the supply throughout the evening. Backup bottles can live out of sight until they’re needed.

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For truly intimate gatherings, you need nothing more than a tiny little table. Start the evening by offering each guest a pre-poured glass of champagne (etc) upon arrival, so that there isn’t an instant wait for their welcome drink.


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You can also keep options to a minimum. There’s no need to stock every spirit in an apartment that can’t really accommodate that volume. Select just a few sips you know your friends love, and you won’t have to stress about finding room for a plethora of bottles.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

If you don’t need an item or appliance for the evening, hide it! Stash a TV or laptop away for the night and instead use its surface for something far more fun.