10 Ways to Dress Up Your Small Space With Accessories

Save on storage, and add style by turning your favorite accessories into decor.

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If you’re living in tight quarters, storage space is most likely one of your biggest struggles. Only one closet? We feel your pain. There are tons of hacks to maximize small spaces, but you may not have thought to display your favorite accessories. Take the items you already have, and put them on full display as art. From shoes to makeup and everything in between, choose your prettiest accessories, and transform them into stylish focal points.

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Use Your Shelves

Choose your prettiest heels or trendiest sneakers, and display them front and center in your small space. Racks can take up too much room if you don’t have extra square footage, but don’t fret. From stacking your beauties on top of books to devoting a full bookshelf to just shoes, you can easily turn your home into a fashion showroom.

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Hooks for Bags

Rather than hanging your handbag on the doorknob or throwing it over a chair, style it on an empty wall that could use something extra. Backpacks, totebags and cross-bodies will all have a new home. Aside from giving them a designated spot, you’ll also be turning a blank space into a unique

gallery wall

Floors are Your Friend

Put your floors to work! Lining up your shoes or bags in a monochromatic fashion on your floor can look great—and it’s convenient. When styled right, it takes minimal effort, and the result is museum worthy.

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Showcase Your Jewels

Why keep your baubles in boxes when you can have them out on display? This is the perfect way to add some chicness to your dresser without taking up valuable surface area. Plus, by hanging necklaces and bracelets, you’ll avoid pesky knots.Int

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Sleek Storage

From bulky winter scarves to silky wraps, these accessories can take up a lot of drawer space. Instead of shoving them deep inside your closet, keep them out as added decor. If you’re sick of hooks, try a ladder instead. This will take up minimal space while allowing you to store and display these scarves.

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Beauty Counter

After all the dresser drawers and cabinets are filled with the essentials, you may quickly realize you don’t have much room left for your makeup. Not a problem! Display your favorite lipsticks and shadows on your dresser, bookshelf, or even next to your favorite plants—the list goes on. Choose the prettiest packaging, and give them the attention they deserve.

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Hats Having a Moment

Hat boxes are great, but they certainly aren’t practical in a small space. Choose a few of your favorite toppers, and get them up on your wall. Not only will it add a nice touch of personality to your space, it will also free up storage space. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can try a DIY project to spruce up your hat collection. This hanging hat rack is easy to put together and will take your accessory display up a notch.

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Frame Your Favorites

If you’ve ever found yourself hanging onto a piece of clothing because of its sentimental value, you’re definitely not alone. Storing these pieces can take up too much space though, and why keep them if you’re not even enjoying them? Instead, frame your favorite pieces of fabric. Vintage silk scarves look amazing set in frames, but you could do this with just about anything. Turn them into a gallery or display them on their own; either way, we guarantee you’ll end up with some new art you will love.

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Basket Essentials

Never underestimate the power of a basket. These woven storage options can keep all your similar items neatly rounded up together without looking too conventional. They are perfect for storing anything from accessories to sandals. Because baskets are crafted so beautifully, you won’t even mind this form of exposed storage.

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Unexpected Pops of Fun

Have fun with this! While you can go about displaying your accessories in a meticulous way, you can and should also have fun with it. From arranging a cool pair of shoes on a vintage typewriter to displaying a handbag on a plant, the options are endless, and there are no rules.