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produced by  ANNA KOCHARIAN
illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN

Decorating a small-space studio has its challenges. Settling on an organic flow and smart placement for the furnishings is often a major issue – finding space for the essentials, arguably, a close second. If you’re one of the lucky ones, your studio will come in a standard square or rectangular shape, certainly making things easier, decorating wise. Here, we explore three varied schemes for decorating within a classic studio floor plan, to hopefully inspire a little changeup in your own home. Take a look!


In the “dining room,” a round table sits adjacent to one of the studio’s windows, at close proximity to the kitchen. The general area of the studio becomes a shared space that encompasses a bedroom and a living room. Along the width of the wall neighboring the kitchen, there is ample space for wall-to-wall shelving.

Within the center of the apartment, a media console housing the television can sit in a position that would allow it to be viewed from both the sofa and (when tilted) the bed!

A side table placed aside the sofa and between the bed can also function as a nightstand!

Establish the confines of the bedroom, by setting a rug beneath the bed!

A compact table paired with a basket serves as a faux entryway in this small-space studio.


A standing mirror placed against the wall of the bathroom helps reflect light from the window directly in front.

in lieu of a large coffee table, opt for a pair of side tables that can be versatile enough to move around the apartment, when needed.

A floating shelf on the right hand side of the room doubles as a small-space nightstand alternative!

A mirror paired with a console sits at the start of the studio, functioning as a mini entryway. Aside the kitchen, a counter table serves as an added surface, as well as a spot for meals. On the opposite side of the studio, a sheer curtain installed a few feet away from the bed makes for an effortlessly chic room divider, establishing privacy within the two spaces.


A media center, situated within the space between the closet and the wall, is paired with wall-mounted shelving that can function as an additional storage solution. It also establishes focal point for the living room!

A console positioned behind the sofa provides a natural break between the living room and the start of the bedroom.

Booth-style seating forms a cozy nook for the eating space, while providing a divide from the entryway. In the general living area, an elongated desk sits close to the bed, allowing it to be utilized as a nightstand as well. A landing pad placed nearby the bed imparts the “bedroom” with a more cozy and complete feel.

Keep it functional by opting for a console with shelves.

Mix and match benches for an eclectically mod look!