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There’s nothing quite as irritating, from a design perspective, as wasted space. If you’ve got a corner or area that’s irking you, get inspired by these creative uses of space that would otherwise be up to no good–literally.

This Joanna Gaines design is pure genius – proving that there’s always room for a chic library nook if you just know where to look.

Hallways are often underutilized.  Rather than adding bulky consoles or entryway furniture, this design carves out a bit of wasted space inside the wall, finding room for a cozy seating area and lots of practically-invisible storage overhead.

In bedrooms short on space, raising the bed practically doubles your square footage – just when you thought you’d NEVER have room for a walk-in closet.

While this space is much too small for a traditional table and chairs, a built-in banquette creates lots of comfy upholstered seating that’s tucked neatly out of the way.

A rolling storage cart creates easy access to items stored beneath the bed – like shoes!  You can finally reach things stored in the farthest corners without crawling on hands and knees.

A curtain and a contrasting wall color create division between the rest of the room and this chic bedroom nook.  By utilizing a system of shelves overhead and drawers beneath the bed, this

tiny bedroom

offers lots of storage solutions, too.

Ceiling-height shelves can be used for storing books, bags, shoes, or anything demanding a bit more space.  Keep a step stool nearby for easy access to items you reach for often.

Unused space beneath the stairs is the ideal size for squeezing in an office – or two.

Chances are, you have available space around a doorway – even if it’s only up top.  If built-ins aren’t an option for your space, consider adding a simple shelf above the door frame for added storage in any room of the house.

Who knew over-the-door storage could look so organized and chic?  This is a masculine take on the idea, but the same idea would work for perfume bottles, necklaces, makeup, and belts.

In the nursery, there is often open space beneath the crib.  Rather than covering with a skirt, add storage boxes instead for stashing away diapers, wipes, towels, and toys.

This stairwell takes the idea of ‘no more wasted space’ to a new level.  A chic series of built-in shelving is as functional as it is beautiful.

Even if you don’t have room for a bedside table, we’re certain you can find space for this petite hanging version that takes up zero square footage.  Find a complete DIY tutorial here.

Over-cabinet storage doesn’t have to look cluttered.  These baskets utilize every last inch of space below the ceiling and add an organic feel to this farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

If your bedroom is short on space, a bed with built-in storage underneath acts as a dresser with ample room for stashing clothing and other accessories.

While this hallway appears too tight for storage, a slim wall-mounted shoe rack keeps shoes out of sight and off the floor.

Drawers beneath the stairs turn any entryway into a mudroom, with space for stashing items that are reached for most often.

In kids’ spaces, you can never have enough storage – period.  Once the closets are packed, it’s time to get creative, as in this raised bed with drawers beneath.

This clever

breakfast nook

hides a drawer beneath the seat and a cabinet behind – ideal for keeping kitchen clutter out of sight.

A cramped window may seem too small for much, but a creative built-in turns even the tightest of spaces into this dreamy sitting nook.  Bonus points for that lovely mismatched collection of textiles.

Not every staircase hides a window underneath, but when it does, the only solution is a cozy reading nook that overflows with Moroccan vibes.

This convertible bed by Dielle Modus actually exists.  We’ll just call this the raised bed of our dreams.  Enough said.

When there simply isn’t room for a side table or nightstand, there will always be room for this wall-mounted version.  Get your DIY on with a complete set of instructions for making yours this weekend.

In the spirit of never wasting an ounce of space, every inch is utilized for storage above and below this cozy floral bed.

Forget a bar cart – get uber creative with the space beneath your stairs, and let this glam bar be your inspiration.  Because a wet bar is the best use of wasted space EVER.

Think you don’t have room for an eat-in kitchen?  This petite version utilizes a thin bar as prep, serving, and dining space that also conveniently serves as a divider between the kitchen and living room.

While this is most definitely a bedroom, a configuration as compact as this could also squeeze an additional bed into a hallway.

If a brick wall is leaving you puzzled, try attaching a few well-placed hooks for wrangling shoes and other frequently used items.

Shelving in front of a kitchen window?  Absolutely!  Thin, well organized shelves still allow plenty of light through, and make great use of otherwise wasted space above the sink.

Surprise!  Lift the bedding, and there’s a convenient place to stash reading material.

When your bathroom has ZERO counter space, creativity is a must.  In this case, a wooden shelf creates a much-needed makeshift countertop in this lovely vintage bathroom.

By making the best use of your space, one room really can do it all.  This is proof.

Manage toy overload with a ceiling-height shelf for stashing away any overflow.  While the shelves are open, toys are practically out of sight and (best of all!) no longer under foot.