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Small-space living may have its qualms, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of a solid design scheme and a few illusionary tricks. We rounded up a few of our favorite, tiny bedrooms, to hopefully inspire a little change of your own. Take a look!

Inside this converted farmhouse, whitewashed walls lend a bright and airy element to the decor of the room, accentuating the rustic aesthetic. Cozy and snug, a handful of wooden details bring about an added layer of texture with a subtle hint of color.

This picture-perfect setting has us dreaming of an attic escape of our own. A captivating whitewash establishes an airy aesthetic, complemented by a handful of natural elements, vintage furnishings, and a no-fuss bed that’s all about making the most of the limited square footage.

This classic scene epitomizes small-space living at its core. Within the reserved selection of furnishings, each pieces brings in a unique and functional element to the room.

An all-white aesthetic coupled with a minimalist design scheme can do wonders for a tiny space. Here, whitewashed floors reveal subtle imperfections stemming from their original finish, contributing a dynamic element that breaks apart the sterility of the decor.

A wall-mounted bulb vase provides the perfect spot for a little touch of green, in lieu of the standard wall art. The bed – strategically mounted beneath the window – leaves little need for a headboard, which can tend to take up quite a bit of square footage.

Daybed, sofa, sleeping spot for one. This window-side lounge is about as dreamy as a small-space bedroom nook could possibly get.

Wedged in the midst of two converging attic walls, this cozy bedroom maximizes its limited square footage with boho chic furnishings and organic textures. The array of colors of the natural wood surrounds are also a big plus!

A sheer chiffon curtain not only functions as a room divider for this studio bedroom, but it also imparts the sleeping area with a style-focused detail.

When your bed encompasses the majority of your bedroom, make the most of it by creating a sink-worthy oasis decked with the finest of linens. Opt for bright solids in cool blue tones and be sure to layer in plenty of textures.

Within this compact attic nook, a modest arrangement features simple linens, brights greens, and wooden details. An upcycled, vintage medicine cabinet doubles as a nightstand, complementing the laid-back approach to the decor.

When your bedroom doubles as a mini attic loft as beautifully structured as this, there’s very little need for much else. The simplicity in the decor emulates the design of the bedroom – clean, streamlined, and effortlessly chic.

Cozy never looked so good. In this dreamy cabin, a linen-clad bed imparts a hint of rustic luxury to its weathered surround. Coupled with a charcoal-dyed sheepskin and a reclaimed-wood nightstand, this is one picturesque spot.

When your bedroom is located directly aside the kitchen, a stylishly functional room divider is in order. Here, a thick canvas curtain helps isolate the bed from the open layout of the space, while a contrasting wall paint in a deep navy further accentuates the divide.

A bold accent wall helps instill an element of differentiation within this ultra cozy studio bedroom, breaking apart the all-white walls. An eclectic scattering of bright greens help liven up the space.