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It’s no secret that we have a thing for tiny homes. Throw in a well-thought-out design scheme and we’re completely sold. Enter one very small space, 200-square-feet that is, which proves that a lack of floor space doesn’t mean a compromise on style. With a farmhouse sink, chic

subway tile

backsplashes, and plenty of sources of natural light, this sleek abode is one for the books. Oh, and it comes with a pop-out porch!

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When it comes to the little ones, sharing a bedroom can be tricky. Make it a small space, and things become all the more difficult. This 90-square-foot shareable space not only comes filled with color and light, but manages to incorporate all the essentials for the little ones as well!

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Photography by JAMES MERRELL

Situated in Provincetown, Massachusetts, this picture-perfect cottage comes complete with jaw-dropping views and a killer aesthetic. The home is not only filled with sea-inspired elements and a reserved palette of dreamy grays and blues, but it also sits on a wharf, right by the water.

House Beautiful.

Photography by BROOKLYN LIFE

Small spaces and open floor plans go hand-in-hand. The key all lies within establishing a design scheme that can flow throughout the various zones of the home, complementing one another with a slight element of differentiation. This 650-square-foot apartment does just that, with its cleverly sourced color schemes, wall-mounted furnishings, and contemporary design.

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Inside this contemporary Bulgarian loft, exposed brick walls and dark wooden floors provide a warm note of contrast to the industrialized details of the apartment. Formerly an attic, the now converted space has come to encompass a rather impressive set of features.

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Photography by KELSEY ANN ROSE

In this colorful Clinton Hill studio, the main challenge was to carve out enough space to function comfortably within a 320-square-foot layout. Blush walls were complemented with pops of green in the form of

graphic throw pillows

and freshly picked florals.

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Photography by NICHOLAS CALCOTT.

With an aesthetic set on emulating ‘a Brooklyn bungalow spin on California ranch living,’ this NYC apartment’s open floor plan was made for a SoCal makeover. Standing by the original frameworks of the home, the walls and wooden details of the space were left as is. Instead, an eclectic assortment of vintage furnishings, colorful art, and vibrant plants were brought in to establish the unique personality of the home.

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Photography by CLAIRE ESPARROS.
If there is one thing to take away from this charming NYC studio, a lesson in proper floor planning is it. With a focus on maximizing the available square footage, the designers behind the space aimed to decorate with a bit of the old and the new. The result was a boho chic finish with contemporary detailing and an open floor plan put to excellent use.

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Inside this tiny home in Portland, we found a light-filled space with bursts of color and an inspired design. Wooden details offer up a cozy finish while vintage elements impart the home with a charming and one-of-a-kind feel. Psst! You have to see the bathroom!

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At 575-square-feet, this Atlanta-based studio features an ultra mod interior with cool, crisp details and sporadic splashes of color. With a focus on Southern-minimalism, this urban studio wouldn’t be complete sans its graphic wall art and abundance of natural light.

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Photography by MATT WIER

Life inside a 230-square-foot bungalow isn’t all that bad, especially when it’s flooded with natural light. The secret? A simplified design scheme that embraces whitewashed minimalism with eclectic accents in the form of vintage finds.

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High ceilings and an abundance of light can do wonders for a small space, and this charming Brooklyn apartment proves just that! At just 650-square-feet, this shared studio – once pencil factory – comes with plenty of clever, space-saving tricks you won’t want to miss.

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For beauty editor Maria Del Russo, the most challenging aspect of living in a small space was resisting the urge to bring in the superfluous. With careful planning and attention to detail, Del Russo was able to cleverly segment her open layout studio into a multi-service space. You won’t want to miss this!

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Photography by MARISA VITALE

Decorating a small space doesn’t have to mean compromising on color or style. Case in point? This fearlessly decorated LA apartment – inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel – that’s filled with a splurge of color and an unapologetic use of pattern and texture.

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Photography by ANDREA POSADAS

Can we move in yet? This jaw-dropping studio has us swooning over its endless sources of inspiration and clever, small-space design tricks. Situated in San Francisco, the bright and airy apartment stands at approximately 550-square-feet, effortlessly embodying an essence of California cool.

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Photography by HOMEPOLISH

You can go ahead and add comped makeovers to the list of many perks of being Gwyneth Paltrow’s assistant. With a goal of creating a bright and beachy escape, Paltrow’s assistant’s small space was transformed into an eclectically colorful oasis, right in the heart of LA.

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Photography by WILL STRAWSER

It takes a lot of thought and planning when decorating a small space for couples. With functionality at the forefront of every piece of furniture and its placement, it’s important to consider the value of every item brought into the home. This 420-square-foot studio proved that a lack of floor space most certainly wouldn’t challenge the stunning aesthetic.

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