maximize a small space bright bedroom
Photography by DESIGNYOUTRUST.COM Courtesy of Party By Numbers

Here at domino, we like to approach small spaces with both beautiful design and functionality in mind. However, figuring out where you’re going to put all of your things, without sacrificing your living space, can often prove to be quite challenging. Here, we’ve rounded up brilliantly designed modern spaces that make the most of their limited square footage.

Storage beds can feel bulky, but this clean, bright space made smart use of a custom bed that offers ample storage without taking away from square footage or natural light.

maximize a small space tiny desk
Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT Courtesy of Party By Numbers

Simple, clean, and elegant, this home workspace proves that every nook can have a purpose (with an enviable view, nonetheless).


maximize a small space small bathroom
Photography by MYUNFINISHEDHOME.COM Courtesy of Party By Numbers

If you consider yourself an organized person, open-shelving can make for a beautiful, minimalist storage solution. This look is best reserved for the expert towel folders.

maximize a small space loft bed
Photography by MYSCANDINAVIANHOME.COM Courtesy of Party By Numbers

Playing with height is key to small space success. By creating a lofted bed high enough to host a complete living room vignette underneath, this studio apartment basically doubles its square footage.

making the most of a small space: 18 genius ideas
Photography by @BOSCHHOMEUS

Designed to meet the need of compact and ancillary spaces, Bosch offers a suite of appliances for small spaces (including a dishwasher, which we’ll talk about later…). Our friends in Europe have been embracing small for years, and now these ideas have started catching on in the U.S. Here, stacking these Bosch appliances leaves more room for precious counter and cabinet space.

White Bedroom
Photography by CDN.FRESHOME.COM Photography by Mariko Reed

One of the things we love to see in modern homes is the reconsideration of what is “necessary.” Does this small space need a nightstand? No. Instead, a little something green is brought in to add some life and some depth.


White Bedroom
Photography by BOLIGCIOUS

Re-evaluate your space to suit your needs. Rather than slotting a console table in its usual place by the door, this innovative, modern coat rack offers the storage a console typically provides above a functional bar for coats.

making the most of a small space: 18 genius ideas

When your small space doesn’t have a whole room for what you want, make another area work. Here, little more than a hallway corner is transformed into a home workspace.

making the most of a small space: 18 genius ideas
Photography by @BOSCHHOMEUS

Even if your home’s square footage doesn’t allow for an entire room to be dedicated to laundry, you can still create a space that gets the job done with a little help from Bosch’s 24″ compact washer and dryer. Here, they easily stack to allow for storage and even a surface for folding!

maximize a small space small bedroom
Photography by BLOGLOVIN’

What could have easily been overlooked space (or just another corner to toss one’s junk into) was wisely crafted into a guest sleeping area that’s pretty dreamy, if you ask us.


maximize a small space tiny library

This sleek (and small!) space made the most of every available inch, and the best example of this is a cubby-like alcove turned into a tiny library.

White Kid's room

One of the smartest modern spaces we’ve ever seen,  this home utilizes murphy bunk beds to make sure there’s enough sleeping space for a growing family, while tucking beds away when the crew is ready for playtime.

making the most of a small space: 18 genius ideas
Photography by @BOSCH

Upgrade your current situation by converting an underutilized nook into the mini bar of your dreams. Bosch’s 18″ dishwasher is the perfect fit, allowing for more party time and less clean up time (Pro tip: a mirrored backsplash makes the space feel even larger).

maximize a small space small hotel bathroom
Photography by CURBED Photography by Diana Paulson

At the Arlo Hotel in NYC, multifunction furniture and good design ensure there’s room for storage and a stool, at the same time.


maximize a small space sliding track apartment
Photography by MATTHEW WILLIAMS VIA DWELL Photography by Diana Paulson

A guest room seldom used can feel like wasted space. Here, a sliding cabinet wall moves forward to open up a “guest room” with bunk beds, only when needed. When not in use, the wall slides back to make the most-used part of this living space larger.

maximize a small space white dining table
Photography by MATTHEW WILLIAMS VIA DWELL Courtesy of the manufacturer

In the same space, the wall is pushed entirely back, and a pull-out dining table (that condenses to the size of a table for two) is extended to throw a dinner party for ten people.

maximize a small space living room
Photography by CURBED

One of the keys to keeping a modern space looking its best is a total absence of clutter. Those in small spaces know clutter can shrink the overall feel of a home, fast. In this modern micro-home, minimalist cabinets and bins keep personal essentials hidden, but accessible.

making the most of a small space: 18 genius ideas
Photography by Michael Wiltbank

Natural light is a small space’s best friend. Here, a small home office area was necessary, but so was all that light pouring through the window. By using a sleek, backless desk, the workspace is functional without blocking precious rays.


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