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How comfortable you are while sitting on a stool depends on a bunch of things—including your height and whether you have back problems. While one of those things definitely can’t be changed, you can buy stools that will be more comfortable for you. Read on for five tips to buying the best bar stool for you.

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look for padding

A padded seat is always more comfortable—like seriously, always. A little cushion goes a long way. With that said, we love metal bar stools. Shiny or primary-colored, it doesn’t matter. A simple way to add padding, thus making your stools that much more comfy, is by adding an accent pillow or fur throw. Adding a personalized decor touch plus making your seating more welcoming sounds like a win-win to us.

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back vs. backless

The reason stools tend to be less comfortable than a chair is because of the width of the seat and the short back—or lack thereof. When there’s nothing to lean back on, the stability and size of your seat needs to be a priority. In other words, no back? Make sure the seat of your stool is larger and definitely padded. If you’re looking for a stool with a back, read on.

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what to look for in a back

A bar stool with a full back will be the most comfortable option—padded, especially. (Again, a great option to create additional comfiness is to add a throw.) Short backs that come in at around 8 inches are best to support the lower back. Some people prefer flat-backed over curved-back, so try a few out before deciding!


all about the seat

Chairs are comfy because you can sink in, relax, and become one with the chair. Due to their height, shorter people tend to feel more comfortable in shallow seats while taller people prefer a deeper seat—it affects how much your legs hang off the end. If your family’s heights vary, you’re in luck. Mismatched dining areas are one of our favorite trends.

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what’s up with the foot bar

Stools tend to feel infinitely more comfortable when you can prop your feet up on a bar, as the alternative is letting them dangle (not cool). This has to do with the shortness (or deepness) of a stool, your height, and where the bar is located. Make sure to keep those three factors in mind while testing out stools.