How to Make It Rain(forest) In Your Bathroom

A guide to recreating the latest trend in bathrooms.
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We always have our eyes peeled for the latest trends in all things home and design, and thanks to our amazing network of creatives, inspiration comes at aplenty. One surefire trend that has been taking over both Instagram and Pinterest alike, is that of bathrooms that come filled with an abundance of plants. Now, we’re not talking about the standard slew of potted greens or the occasional planter hanging in the corner of the shower. We’re talking about the bathrooms that can quite nearly double as a tropical oasis, ones where it’s difficult to pinpoint where the plants begin and the room ends. Ahead, a look at the spaces that encapsulate the ever-present theme with effortless ease, proving that a tropical escape can be found in your very own home—plus, a few ways in which you can easily recreate the trend.

Now, it’s important to note the distinction between filling your bathroom with plants and filling your bathroom with plants. It’s all about quantity here (and quality, too—that’s always important) and the power in numbers can make or break the look. 

Know What to Buy

Sure, it would be great if we could fill our bathrooms with lavish palms and monstera plants, but not all greens are fittable for the space. According to The Sill, “There are a number of houseplants that thrive in the warm, humid conditions a bathroom provides. [Since] a bathroom can mimic some plants’ native tropical habitat…” High on the list, the Pothos plant and Bird’s Nest Fern, which both require moderate to low indirect light.

Install a Plant Wall

Take a page out of Hilton Carter‘s book—seriously, he has over 140 plants in his home—and install a set of floating shelves in the bathroom to house a slew of greens (neon sign obviously excluded). The clustered effect of the closely-packed plants will instantly enliven the space, doubling as a faux living wall.

Hang It

If you’re really up for the challenge of completely filling your space with plants (which, hopefully, you are) a hanging planter is ideally the way to go. We’re not talking about a single planter but one that can house a whole slew of them. Take, for example, this stylish ladder shelf, which can be used to display a wide array of greens that will take the whole “bathroom jungle” vibe to the next level.

Fill the Tub

Less for aesthetics, more for functionality, a flower-filled bath can be one seriously splurge-worthy way to up your bathtime game. If you’re more of the less-committal type to a trend, this one’s definitely for you. Recreate this calming bath—seriously, it works—by filling your tub with a very special mix of stones and florals, Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine has the recipe for you.

Fake It

Seriously. For the small-space dwellers who are stuck with window-less bathrooms, your general scope of options is pretty limited to a handful of low-light plants, which you will have to eventually swap out. So you have a few options here: a flower-themed shower curtain or faux plants. Tell us this aptly-named, jungle-themed shower curtain doesn’t do the trick.

Take to the Walls

When all else fails, we can always count on wallpaper to emulate the desired effect. From the tried and true

banana leaf print

to the more subtle and understated, a patterned wallpaper can help transform your bathroom into the jungle of your dreams.

And when all is said and done, your bathroom will more or less embody your version of a tropical oasis. Whether you choose to go all out or settle for the “less is more” approach, it’s all about creating a space where you can relax and recharge.

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