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By now, we all know the benefits of living with greenery, from air purification to lower stress levels. Putting this knowledge into action and actually buying the plants is a whole other story, one involving copious amounts of research, starting with the best stores that ship. No longer. Now you can simply tack a new potted friend to the end of your West Elm shopping list: Bloomscape is selling a curated selection on the retailer’s site. 

The collaboration is the first between an online plant brand and a major design store, making it easier than ever to go green. (“Even Amazon can’t deliver XL houseplants directly from the greenhouse!” the  companies’ public relations rep told us.) Currently, there are only four options available: a fiddle-leaf fig, a spider plant, a monstera, and—our top pick—a ponytail palm. It’s something of a wunder-plant: “Ponytails absorb carbon dioxide, which can contribute to drowsiness and headaches, and they release oxygen,” explains Bloomscape’s Joyce Mast. No wonder they’re also one of Justina Blakeney’s favorites

Want to bring one home? Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Keep it out of the bathroom and kitchen. Ponytail palms thrive in dry conditions—it’s technically a succulent, after all. 
  • Up your thermostat. Your home’s temp should be between 60 and 80 degrees, so steer clear of any drafty windows or air-conditioning vents. 
  • Channel desert conditions. As much as possible, anyway. These plants prefer bright, direct light and only need to be watered every two to three weeks. 
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Ponytail Palm, West Elm ($65)

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