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Just as layering up has become a distant memory—we haven’t thought about our chunky knit scarves, fluffy down jackets, and countless beanies for a while now—it’s time for your cold-weather gear to get ready for its reentry into your entryway. But winter garments aside, there’s also all the other stuff you store in that first-impression zone year-round—from dog leashes to umbrellas to tote bags. 

While using a mudroom or coat closet to store your items is an easy solution, we’re not all graced with a designated storage area. (In my Brooklyn apartment? No way.) Those of us with small spaces need all that stuff concealed, too. Thankfully we have a solution for that—and it doesn’t require a contractor or a weekends-long DIY project. 

Instead of building, think about buying. A freestanding piece of furniture can store all of your chilly-weather essentials (while acting as its own mudroom), and you can take it with you from home to home. It’s definitely something you can repurpose, plus you can show off your personal style the minute someone enters your space. 


From newly launched in the U.S. brand Mustard Made, which offers old-school lockers in an array of pastel hues (we’re crushing on the lilac), to an elevated upholstered bench with discreet flip-up storage, these pieces not only store your junk but conceal it as your guests walk through your door. Talk about a great first impression. 

Sky High

The Skinny in Lilac, Mustard Made ($329)

Keep It Short

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 8.28.47 PM
BISSA Shoe Cabinet With 3 Compartments, Ikea ($40)

Bonus Benches

Steen Black Storage Bench, Crate & Barrel ($699)

Drop Stoppers

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 8.47.14 PM
Korbo Handmade Wire Umbrella Stand, Design Within Reach ($166 was $195)