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Soho House, the exclusive members’-only club and hotel, may be renowned for its exclusivity and prestige but the group’s latest venture is quite a departure from its trademark style. From founder and CEO Nick Jones comes a new establishment inspired by the allure of 1950s Americana: Mollie’s Motel & Diner.

Situated in Buckland, Oxfordshire, the 79-room motel and diner, which channels the best of the era past, is prime for weary travelers and adventure seekers alike. While its decorative aesthetic may be built on nostalgia, Mollie’s holds little back when it comes to modern conveniences. An app-based system allows guests to reserve rooms solely through a digital platform, which includes a check-in/checkout system and keyless entry into rooms.

The motel and diner offer travelers a reinvented roadside experience built around the idea of affordability sans compromising on style. The rooms are designed with modern simplicity in mind. The walls are painted in a soft shade of blue, which is beautifully complemented by wooden-slab detailing that frames the minimally clad rooms. Don’t let the seemingly stark nature of the furnishings fool you—the thoughtfully designed motel is all about embracing the mantra of “less-is-more,” proving the dynamic effect of combining a high-contrast color detail with textured surfaces.

While the aesthetic structure of the motel might be a stretch from the hallmarks of the Soho House brand, it certainly doesn’t skimp on the amenities. The rooms come furnished with king-size begs outfitted with Egyptian cotton sheets, and the bathrooms are all stocked with Soho House’s signature Cowshed products and high-pressure rainforest showers.

Fluted oak paneling gives the walls texture and interest, a decorative detail implemented to inspire a touch of warmth against the cool blue wall paint all the while keeping the decor light and fresh. “We wanted to create a bedroom that was minimal in its design and feel this has been portrayed through the selection of materials,” says the Soho House design team of the touches of oak, concrete, and antique brass, which give the rooms their contemporary feel.

As with any proper roadside establishment, a promising dining experience should go without saying. Mollie’s Diner, a drive-thru or eat-in spot, is located directly adjacent to the motel and serves up an array of American-inspired classics. An all-day breakfast offers the basics—bacon, eggs, and waffles, to name a few—mixed with trendy avocado toast and healthy grain bowls. Dinner is prime for burgers, mac and cheese, and naturally, vegan options also come into play as well. Retro vinyl seats and high-contrast tiles comprise the space, but they’re reinvented with fresh colors and lustrous brass fixtures.

“Our intention was to create spaces that are stylish and functional for everyone,” notes the Soho House design team. “We wanted to bring something relevant to the roadside and reinvent the typical American diner but with a contemporary twist. A place to relax, sleep, and eat.”

While Mollie’s Motel & Diner is only the first of its kind, the Soho House team, in conjunction with Quentin Restaurants, will be opening additional spots in the series in the year to come.