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One of the (arguably) best parts of travel would have to be the act of indulging in local fare—libations obviously, included. When it comes to seeking out the spots for said activities, we typically turn to the likes of Trip Advisor, Yelp, foodie blogs, and magazines, or just plain word of mouth.

While the quality of food remains of the utmost importance, there is something to be said of a well-designed space that manages to further transform you from your destination. After all, when traveling, aren’t we all just looking for a momentary escape? Apart from contributing to the ambiance, the decor of a hotel, bar, or restaurant can truly make or break an experience.

Instagrammable moments aside, the thoughtful elements and curated design details that define a particular establishment do contribute to the experience as a whole. So naturally, it’s useful for the establishments to pay special mind to such details.

As it typically tends to go with travel, seeking out the spots that pertain to such characteristics becomes an increasingly important point of focus. And while we can come to have a certain set of expectations when selecting a venue for an evening of fun (be it a cocktail hour or post-dinner drinks), choosing based off of aesthetics is not entirely unheard of.

With this in mind, we rounded up the latest crop of newly opened or redesigned hotel bars, which are all about the ambiance with a design-forward focus in mind. Take a look.

The Candy Bar, The Siren Hotel

Detroit’s newly opened The Siren Hotel brings on a fresh dose of style and color to the city. The stunning space is decked with a palette of elevated neutrals, filled with scattered pops of blush and navy. The aptly named Candy Bar is a monochromatic dream, featuring a decorative profile built upon tonal variations of pinks and reds. Rich, velvet upholstery contributes to the luxe character of the cocktail lounge, illuminated by the undoubtable pièce de résistance, a massive crystal chandelier.

Summerly, The Hoxton Williamsburg

We may be a little biased but nothing trumps a solid East Coast summer. The newly-opened Hoxton in Williamsburg comes with a rooftop bar that embodies just that. Panoramic views of the NYC skyline go without saying—although it’s nothing to be overlooked, the beautifully designed bar may just steal the spotlight a bit. Grounded neutrals set the tone for the artistically-fueled and modern space, filtered with intricate textures and thoughtful details, all of which take the decorative personality of the bar to elevated heights.

Pool Bar, Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

The infamous party island has become a hotspot for design with a fresh wave of colors and concepts permeating within. As each establishment aims to one-up one another in novelty, elegance, or straight-up luxury, we, the travelers, find ourselves in the prime position of being able to enjoy the very best of what the island has to offer. Paradiso Art Hotel is one prime example, where vibrant splashes of saturated hues could give the millennial pink movement a run for its money.

Paradiso’s pool bar beautifully encapsulates the hotel’s signature scheme, which bears a striking ode to the heydey of design in the ’80s. Hexagonal tiles set the groundwork, playing to the slew of muted blush tones that blanket the area, complemented by the structurally-rich white stools and wooden paneling which lend a warm detail with a subtle pop of contrast.

1K Pisco Bar, 1K Paris

We love an escape within an escape, hence why 1K Paris Hotel is a prime pick on our list. Well, that and the abundant slew of hanging greens that grace the hotel bar. Pisco Bar’s Peruvian influence is a strong one, elements of which can be found via the colorfully patterned rugs casually strewn about, straight out to the cocktail menu itself. The space’s vibrant blue backdrop sets the ultimate tone for the abundance of colors that come through via the furnishings, each one imprinting its unique quality to the area.

Hotel Mama

Hotel Mama’s ode to the Mediterranean is a relatively subtle one, found within the chromatic elements of the eclectically-decked space. Captivating patterns are a mainstay, delicately balanced out by the solid-hued upholstery of the bar’s lounge. A variation of tones pertaining to a yellow or green palette provides a bold dose of diversity, each beautifully elevating the pared-down yet impactful imprint of the lounge.

Green Room, The Curtain Hotel

It’s only fitting that a five-star hotel bar has a five-star decor scheme and London’s Green Room certainly does not disappoint when it comes to the latter. Velvet upholstery, sleek, brass accents, and vibrantly colorful floral motifs are just a handful of the decorative elements that comprise the unique design identity of the space. Contrast is a prominent theme found throughout, touching on everything from the rough concrete flooring to the lively greens filtered throughout. The juxtaposition of colors and patterns may be anything but ordinary but they certainly work.

Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar, Four Seasons Miami

Consider it a touch of the Mediterranean found stateside. Miami’s Four Seasons hotel boasts a design aesthetic that signals a departure from the standard palette of the saturated and pattern-filled vibe of the art-filled city. The scheme is a pared-down one, comprised of a delicate balance of subtly contrasting hues. A captivating shade of emerald green lines the bar, offsetting the sterility of the area’s neutral backdrop. Lush, tropical greens are scattered throughout, providing a revitalizing burst of life and character.