Published on September 18, 2018

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From botanical fabrics and sculptural pipes to trippy wallpaper and sophisticated stationary, these high-end goods, curated by style director Kate Berry, encourage you to slow down and chill out.

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Work and Sea

Clope in the Grove Wallpaper, Work and Sea

If these walls could talk…

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Lord Jones

Pain & Wellness Formula Tincture, Lord Jones, $60

Made with calming CBD, Alice would agree this little bottle should be labeled “Drink Me.”

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Zak + Fox

Chair in Sauvage Fabric, Zak + Fox

Cover your sofa in this herbaceous fabric for a magnified effect.

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Osanna Visconti

One-of-a-Kind Objet by Osanna Visconti

Silver sculpture meets trompe l’oeil smoke.

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Hudson Pipe by Laundry Day, Tetra, $61

A modern glass object that doubles as a tool for all things green.

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Mary Jane Stationery, Terrapin Stationers, $18

An iconic motif that reminds me to slow down and write some snail mail.

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Nest Casa

Horn Lighter, Nest Casa, $752

The best accessory to light up the night.

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Macon & Lesquoy

Cannabis Brooch, Macon & Lesquoy, $93

Update your boutonniere with a golden leaf.

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Brazil Change TrayHermès, $1,975

Hermès makes everything chic—the perfect partner for your supply.

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Broccoli Magazine

Broccoli Magazine, $26.40

Dedicated to the high life, Broccoli looks at a growing culture through an artful eye.