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Domino executive creative director and supermom Kate Berry has one tip for parents everywhere, especially these days, when filling time with projects can seem like a second job: “Give your kids the necessary tools for creative freedom.” What does this mean for Berry and her 7-year-old daughter, Quinn? A graffiti wall. 

The idea was born out of Quinn’s affinity for all things artistic. By the time she was 3, she had a clear vision of her dream bedroom, and, after a lot of compromise, the family settled on the “go-wild” attitude that makes the room a fan favorite among Quinn’s pals. Below, Berry and her close friend, artist and stylist Elaina Sullivan, explain how they brought the idea to life—and how you can do the same for your stir-crazy kids.

Start With a Solid Color 

Quinn had her sights set on magenta walls, but Berry figured it was important for the base to be a neutral shade so that the vibrant graffiti would pop. They settled for an easy-on-the-eyes ballerina hue as a compromise to Quinn’s Barbie Dreamhouse vision. If you’re not ready to give up an entire wall, scale down the idea with a hanging paper roll. It creates a similar effect but without the staying power. 


Choose Your Go-To Tagging Tools

“Our favorite wall-art tools are paint pens,” Berry notes. The no-mess application makes the process much simpler than using real paint, but the art looks vibrant and fresh for months. Quinn loves to shake things up by applying stickers and other decals to add all the personality she wants. 

Make It a Family Affair 

What began as a way for their daughter to keep her hyper-creativity confined to one “anything-goes” space in the house has now turned into a beloved family tradition. “Whenever friends or family come over, they get to sign Quinn’s wall,” Berry says. “My husband and I have a creative community, so the wall is now home to original drawings, words, and designs from some of our favorite creatives.” Not to mention the budding talent of Quinn’s tribe of mini artists. 

Let the Kids Lead the Show

These days Quinn mostly takes the lead on her mega-canvas, adding new drawings whenever inspiration hits. “What makes the wall so special is how you can watch Quinn’s style and creativity evolve as she grows,” says Sullivan. What started out as abstract scribbles now resembles a wall full of her signature characters and scenes, which gives visitors a glimpse into her hyper-imaginative brain. At present, she’s particularly inspired by the comic book series Bone. 

Allow Their Art to Evolve With Them 

Now that Quinn’s a “big kid,” she’s thinking ahead to her next room revamp. She’s requested an almost entirely fresh start (she’s hoping to incorporate her new favorite color, aquamarine), but there’s one thing she hopes to never let go of. “I want to have a giant party with all my friends and all my mom’s friends, and have everyone sign the wall one last time,” says Quinn. “And then I want to take a picture of it and turn it into the coolest floor ever so I can keep it forever.” The moral of the story? Give your child free rein over their room and they might just want to remain a kid a while longer.

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