Yes, you can climb on that are not words you often expect to hear coming out of a parent’s mouth. But Gineline Kalleberg, cofounder of Kaos and mom of two, offers pieces that are meant to be scaled by little ones. The Norway-based brand’s Endelos system is “a climbing wall, desktop station, and storage unit,” she explains. (Cue bonus points dinging off.) 

child climbing ladder
Courtesy of KAOS

Kalleberg, along with her cofounder, sister-in-law, and fellow mom Mette Bordal Hansen, introduced the modular design via Kickstarter in 2017 and received such a good response that it was fully funded within three weeks. But 2020 (and into 2021) is when parents could really appreciate the three-in-one appeal of a creative indoor outlet that helps burn off energy, keep things tidy, and work from home. (No surprise: The Endelos sold out after the first lockdown in March, and the company had to boost volume to keep up with demand.)

floral wallpaper
Courtesy of KAOS

The idea was originally sparked by Kalleberg’s and Hansen’s own childhood. “Both Mette and I had wall bars installed in our basements growing up in the ’80s, and we used them a lot to monkey around when we were little. However, they were traditional and bulky, as found in the gym,” recalls Kalleberg. “When we had kids ourselves, we started to look for a better fit for our homes.”


Baby blue walls
Courtesy of KAOS

Staying true to their company’s mission to create products that last through several stages of family life, the wall-bar transforms into a storage station with snap-on canvas pouches that hold everything from small toys and books to school supplies and clothes (simple S-hooks create hangers along the rods). The Endelos series also has a clever desk attachment that can be raised or lowered depending on your child’s (or chair) height. It even works as a standing laptop desk for adults—a setup with which Kalleberg has firsthand experience (she’s been working in her son’s room during the pandemic to carve out a bit of much-needed personal space).  

girl in pink dress
Courtesy of KAOS

The Endelos provides superhero-level functionality—it packs flat for easy shipping, too—and the duo has been moved by how important the design became to parents and kids in a year when leaving the house to play was, at times, a big challenge. “One of our customers in the Netherlands sent a special thanks, because her son, who has some movement disabilities, really benefited from the activity and developing his motor skills. That really touched us,” says Kalleberg.

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