7 Colorful Ways to Hack Ikea’s Lack Shelves

These aren't your standard bookshelves.
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Pink and White Office
Photography by MEREDITH JENKS

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Pink Study
Photography by MEREDITH JENKS

Ikea’s Lack series is about as classic as it gets. From the iconic shelves to the sleek tables and everything else in between, the modular build of the collection has earmarked it as a staple of many Ikea hacks and reinventions. With finding style-focused shelving solutions constantly on our minds, we set out to unearth said hacks with one piece in mind: the Lack wall shelf—also known as the quintessential floating shelf you’ve undoubtedly come across on any social feed. Ahead, a few of the coolest ways we’ve seen the

ikea lack shelf

“] styled and hacked.

Red and White Kid's room
Photography by AMBER MAY

For when you’re over the whole white-on-white look, embrace a more vibrant and daring approach to your shelf game. Take some decor cues from Alex Eagle’s London home, where a dynamic wallpaper cleverly conceals the shelving unit, establishing a wow-worthy focal point that seamlessly marries form and function.

floral wallpaper office
Photography by HEIDI’S BRIDGE

Transform a tiny nook or closet into a home office by installing a set of Lack shelves in a wrap-around formation, creating a sleek yet efficient work area. Bonus points for taking things to the next level with a color-coordinated paint detail and intricate wallpaper to match.

Say what you will, but the lack shelf is seriously the ultimate floating shelf. Its streamlined build gives it that seamless effect—the one where it becomes virtually impossible to tell where the shelf ends and the wall begins. Take for example designer Rachel Antonoff’s colorful office, where a covet-worthy ombre shelving unit establishes itself as the focal point of the room. The bonus factor comes by way of the desk, which beautifully extends the ombre with a chic moment of contrast featured at the base.

Photography by Nina Broberg via IKEA

Transform the Lack shelf into a sleek desk, or a console for the entry, by setting the piece on a leg frame. Pair the scene with your standard (or not-so-standard) slew of desktop accessories and you have the ultimate workspace.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

While there was no shortage of inspired moments and unexpected design elements in Laura Lane’s Brooklyn home, the ombre shelving situation was by far a real standout moment. Aside from providing the

living area

with a show-stopping element, it makes for a style-focused method for displaying personal trinkets and found objects. To recreate the look, install a set of the Lack shelves—in various sizes, similar to the above—earmarking a tonal shade of a single hue for each one. Stick to a reserved palette to replicate the ombre-effect.

White Kitchen

Make ample use of empty corners by installing the shelves side by side, as seen in this dreamy Nashville kitchen. Allow the Lack shelves to run double duty—it’s all about form and functionality here—by implementing them in lieu of cabinets.

Photography by Untitled 1967 Donald Judd via The Modern

Not all shelves have to be strictly functional and a set that doubles as an artistic moment is always a win in our book. Channel this Donald Judd classic by installing a set of the smaller variety of Lack shelves in a neatly-stacked vertical display. Bonus points for taking to the pieces with a vibrant color block with a metallic element.

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