Published on September 6, 2016

Crisp blank notebooks, a slim leather laptop case, new erasers in bubblegum pink—update your desk for fall with these smartly designed essentials.

photography by WILL ANDERSON   

A4 Notepad; Moment Notebook; Mrs. Stitches Notebook; A4 Quadrille Neon Pad by Le Typograph; Clutch Lead Holder and Mechanical Pencil by Kaweco; Double Fastener Pen Case by Craig; HB Pencils by Craft Design Technology; Neon Pencils by Nomess; Pattern Pen by Livework; No Smoking Mini Pencil by Eye; Mini Heart Pencil by Camel Pencil Company; Round Brass Pencil Sharpener by Dux; Wooden Pencil Sharpener by; Acrylic Pencil Sharpeners by Dux; Chelsea Eyeglasses; Brass Tray by S/N Japan; Keytags by Various Keytags; Intensive Hand Cream; Brass Pen Case by Midori; Hidden Agenda Notebook; Tape Block by Hay; Mini Container by Good Thing; Paper Clips by Leone Dellera; Physalia Desk Portfolio; Original Crown Mill Folded Cards and Envelopes in Classics C6; Cork Sketchbook by Nomess; The Holi by Papier Tigre; Physalia Desk; Original Crown Mill Folded Cards and Envelopes in Classics C6; Cork Sketchbook by Nomess; The Holi by Papier Tigre

Drawing Pad; Appointed Spiral-Bound Workbook; Alvin Cutting Mat; Spring Scissors by Nomess; Mini Scissors by Hay; Brass Dish by S/N Japan; Pushpins by Leone Dellera; 365 A6 Notebook by Shinnippon; Colour Notes; MT Masking Tape; Stick-Up Weekly Calendar; Please Stop Eraser; Extra-Hard Eraser by Koh-I-Noor; Tiny Tropical L & C Hardtmuth Eraser by Koh-I-Noor; Synthetic Rubber Eraser by Milan; No. 014 Plastic Eraser by Craft Design Technology; Magic Rubber Eraser; Blackwing Replacement Erasers by Palomino; Milan 420 Eraser; Folio 34 by AANDD; Hay Wooden Ruler Cube; Brass Ruler by Appointed; YStudio Rollerball Pen by YStudio; Midori Brass Number Template Bookmark; Sticky Notes by Travellife; Sediment Tableware by Umbra Shift; Klizia 97 Stapler by Ellepi