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We love our sleek living rooms and outdoor spaces, so it’s understandable that for most people, low ceiling rooms leave a lot to be desired. Their odd proportions and cramped-feeling angles are hardly enjoyable, but these upcoming rooms might just have us changing our tune. With some subtle design changes and a lot of sunlight, it’s pretty easy to convert a small room into a chic space worthy of curling up in—just see for yourself.

An all-white palette is anything but boring, as this low ceiling bathroom clearly shows. The rustic vibe is offset by some modern touches (check out the artwork, gold hardware, and lush carpeting), proving that a rich contrast of light and dark can make any room seem bigger than it is.

If your room is lucky enough to have a source of natural light, make full use of it—that’s what converted this small space from dreary to delightful. In the Portland home, a touch of greenery and soft neutrals add height without overwhelming the space.

Using a low bed and some shorter furniture can help increase height in a room without inconveniencing you—just peep this gorgeous canyon cottage. The rich textures add to the cozy feel, while the multitude of windows let in the sun.

Talk about kitchen goals: A minimalist, black and white palette is all you need to draw attention away from the low ceiling and to the rich furniture. Wood floors and chic artwork complete the look.

This reading nook defies all tradition—but of course, we can expect nothing less from the founders of Hawkins New York. We’re falling hard for the millennial pink accent wall, and the plywood lounge chair is the perfect accompaniment.

Another easy way to bring height to a small space? Texture, texture, texture. This Queens abode relies on cozy quilts, stylish rugs, and fuzzy throws to create a space that’s inviting and calming—so much so, the low ceiling actually works for the home, as opposed to against it.

This entryway makes a big statement—which is ironic, considering its tiny size. Built-in shelving adds storage space, while bold accents like a small plant and cozy throw give the area a touch of whimsy. We also love the huge magazine collection—it adds so much personality to the space.

Who says you can’t work in a low ceiling room? Cassandra LaValle of Coco Kelley converts hers into a chic office, complete with minimalist themes and furniture that fits perfectly in the tiny crevices. The cozy, floor-level seating area is definitely the focal point, while the black-trimmed windows allow some sophistication in.

This bathroom mixes white marble countertops with rustic brown walls for a look that screams modern farmhouse. The color contrast between the wall and ceiling allows the sloping ceiling to be the focal point, while the rug adds a touch of texture.

This Poland loft is the ultimate lesson in contrasts—some low-ceiling areas are juxtaposed with swooping walls, but the styling allows this eclectic look to work. The untouched brick wall allows the height differences to feel organic, while the artwork and fireplace allow the home’s personality to shine through.

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