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Paris Hilton, we see your two-story dog mansion and raise you four impeccably-designed dog dressing rooms that are so perfect we want to live in them ourselves.

In preparation for Halloween, HomeGoods put on a puppy costume “fashion show”—and while the models were definitely adorable (attention dog owners: Do yourself a favor and get your pup a hotdog costume ASAP), the real stars of the show were the dogs’ dressing rooms.

That’s right. HomeGoods tapped celebrity dressing room stylist Mike Harrison to create four unique and perfectly-styled rooms for the show’s stars using items from the home furnishings retailer. The rooms each adhere to a very specific style, playing off the personalities of their four-legged inhabitants.

First up, the room designed for Gracie the Australian Shepherd. Harrison went for a quintissentially feminine theme, using a pretty pink as the main color and complementing that with soft shades. He added in textures, such as a faux fur white stool and geometric-print fuzzy carpet, to avoid making the space too one-note.


“I wanted to create a cozy and feminine space that balanced sophistication and whimsy,” says Harrison. “Combining gold accents (like this mini etagere side table) and luxe textures (like the faux fur stool) allow the room to elevate in style, but with a wink!”


Mini-Dachshund Skye has one blue eye, which Harrison says served as the inspiration behind the navy-accented room.

“This Navajo-meets-Nashville style is a great chance to play with natural materials and textures. I wanted the rich wood tones to be the star of the room and supported by the deep indigo accents,” says Harrison.


The bold blue hues pair well with natural wood accents, which make the room feel warm. “

Layering rugs

in a similar color palette created interest and allows the eyes to dance,” continues Harrison. “This round tree stump mirror from HomeGoods also highlights the earthy and organic vibe I set out to create.”


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the room Harrison designed for Benny, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from London. Incorporating the traditional elegance of

British decor

(as well as some more stereotypical elements), Harrison added a few patriotic touches—please note the tartan throw and Union Jack bin—to this fun dressing room.


“Bold patterns, mixed metallics, and tufted accents brought this room straight across the pond to become a London flat. I used classic plaid pillows and throws to balance the worldly sophistication of this British study,” says Harrison. “The horse statue and antlers rounded out the masculine aesthetic!”


Finally, the last room brings a bohemian, laid-back vibe to the mix. Harrison created a beach-inspired space for Lola the Mini Aussie to draw out the pup’s California roots.

“This boho space is all about the details and fearlessly combining items of interest,” says Harrison. For example, bringing out a natural feel with wooden furniture and complementing that with playful decor pieces and textured throws.

“The intricate carving on the frame of the wall mirror gives it a cultured and collected ease that pairs well with the fringe of the oversized dog pillow on the floor, also from HomeGoods,” says Harrison. “Easy, comfortable, and interesting!”

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