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diy statement shelves

Nothing catches the eye in a room quite like a well-curated shelf. But before you spring for the books, art, and decorative accents that go on display, finding the correct shelving unit is key. Enter one seriously stylish DIY that will transform the most ordinary of materials into your living room’s focal point.

Gold Spray Paint: $4.48 IKEA Shelf Brackets: $4.00 ($2.00/ea) Cabinet Screws: $8.74

Wood (Sarah used African Mahogany which she purchased here)

Total: $17.22 (not including the wood)

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decorative diy marble plates

A marble accent – whether in the form of a backsplash or a cheese board can elevate even the most understated of aesthetics. And while it may not always be practical, or affordable, to bring it into your repertoire of entertaining essentials, we’re all for incorporating hints of it where we can. Case in point? This simple DIY, which will give your next

party table setting

the little lift it deserves.

Wood Rounds: $7.86 Marble Contact Paper: $7.61 Gold Foil Paper: $5.49 Transfer Adhesive: $6.99

Total: $27.95

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diy painted palms

It’s no secret that we have a thing for palms, and on occasion, we’re all for giving them a mini makeover. This spray-painted variety proves that a simple swap of color can go a long way.

Assorted leaves or palms: price varies by location Spray paint: $3.98

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diy grid planter

Let’s be honest. It doesn’t get any more chic than this. This grid-patterned planter is the mod accent our space was missing and we can hardly get enough. The only thing we love more is the fact that this DIY is about as budget-friendly as they get!

1/8″ Black Tape: $3.78

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diy ombre glassware

For the summer tabletop in need of a bit more color, opt for this delightfully refreshing and captivating set!

Plain Glassware: $13.99

Non-Toxic Spray Paint: $8.39

Total: $22.38

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diy modern pom pom pillow

Bring this trendy statement throw pillow into your space for just a fraction of what the real thing would cost! Yep, it’s true and we couldn’t be more excited to take on this DIY.

Plain Pillowcase: $7.00 White Pom Poms: $11.94 Felt Glue: $4.49

Total: $23.43

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diy monstera palm leaf tray

The coffee table never looked this good – neither did entertaining, for that matter. See how the clever blogger behind

i spy diy

created a stunning and oh-so-trendy coffee table tray using just three materials!

Tray with Handles: $14.99 Crafting Epoxy: $16.86 Monstera Leaf: $7.50

Total: $39.35

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diy art geometric gradient color story

Gallery wall in need of a refresh? Add in these vibrantly colorful prints to give your space the revamp it deserves. The best part? It’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Paint chips (they are free at the hardware store!) Spray Adhesive: $9.92 8×10 Canvas: $6.16 8×10 Frames: $2.99 ea

Total: $22.07

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diy streaming device cover

No one is a fan of bulky streaming devices peering out from atop a media center. This chic DIY has you covered. Literally.

Balsa Wood: $7.02 X-ACTO knife: $3.97 T-Square Ruler: $10.99 Super Glue: $4.69 Washi Tape: $3.45 Paint: $5.31

Total: $35.43

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washi tape furniture revamp

Furniture in need of a refresh? It seriously doesn’t get easier than this. Use graphic and colorful rolls of washi tape to give your furnishings an instant makeover!

Total: $15

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diy copper plant stands

Finding a chic display system for your ever-growing collection of greens can be tough. We know. So when in doubt, DIY! The second we happened upon this easy DIY, we knew something good was in store. Copper and rope make for quite the pair, wouldn’t you say?

Plant Stands (Small): $19.42

Spray Paint: $8.43 Rope: $7.49

Total: $35.34

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diy painted wood container

Any desk can benefit from a colorful makeover, even in the tiniest of forms! Bring this vibrant DIY to your desktop for a much-needed refresh.

Wood Geo Shaped Hexagon: $3.99 Wood Geo Shaped Septagon: $3.99 Acrylic Paints: $9.99 Patterning Tape: $4.95

Total: $22.92

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diy gold cactus wallpaper

You’ve surely seen the classic, green cactus wallpaper take over your Instagram or Pinterest feeds. Well now, you can recreate the look in your very own home, with this surprisingly easy DIY!

Gold Leafing Pen: $8.52 Cactus Stencil: $2.88

Total: $11.40

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custom cutting board

In a bind for a summer hostess gift that won’t disappoint? We’re loving these DIY personalized cutting boards that are both stylish and functional!

Carbon Paper: $5.59 Wooden Cutting Board: $7 Acrylic Paint Marker: $10.11

Total: $22.70

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diy tree swing

Who hasn’t dreamed of their very own backyard swing? Recreate this dreamy, outdoor DIY in just a few simple steps!

Wood: $8.12 Rope: $37 Sand Paper: $4.27

Total: $49.39

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diy textured vase

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as having too many vases. Especially when it comes to the summer! We love the textured effect of this DIY vase, even more so because of its budget-friendly composition!

Air-dry Clay: $8.04 Parchment Paper: $5.91 Clay Ribbon Tool: $8.33 X-ACTO knife: $3.97

Total: $26.25

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