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It’s normal to want to hang prints in your home that inspire you—but often times the same prints that bring a smile to your face each morning leave you feeling exposed when entertaining friends by night. Avoiding a cheesy phrase is the number one priority here (leave “live, laugh, love” to doodles in your notebook). There are so many places to find unique prints these days that hanging something cheeky or meaningful should be easy. To help you get a head start on furnishing your home with uplifting—and age appropriate—sayings, we’ve rounded up ten prints that are guaranteed to inspire without any embarrassment.

Live Happily Artwork

It’s hard to decide which element of this print we love most. Between the gold foil, loopy cursive, and simple design, it’s a tough competition. But the clear winner is the ever-important reminder to “live happily”.

Buy it now: $15.99

Things Will Work Out Print

Remembering that everything will work out (even if you have to cross your fingers!) is key to letting go of your worries and living your best life.

Buy it now: $29.99

Gold Metallic Holstee Manifesto Print

We love the larger versions of this inspirational print, but this mini, gold-printed Manifesto is a sly way to incorporate an impactful message into your home without making it too noticeable. Place this 5×7 print on a side table or desk. If your guests pick it up, they won’t be able to put it down—it’s an awesome conversation starter.

Buy it now: $12

Vive Le Feminisme

Long live feminism. Enough said.

Buy it now: $29.99

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Perfect to hang in your kitchen or above a bar cart, this print’s message is straightforward—and we’re not arguing.

Buy it now: $49.99

Everybody by Andy Warhol

This playful, mass-produced print originally created by Andy Warhol is graphic and cool with a friendly message. There’s no way you’ll be able to talk bad about your roommate with this print staring you in the face. Better yet, it creates a welcoming environment for guests.

Buy it now: $16.99

Do What You Love Fine Art Print

We love how this message is delivered in the center of the cutest hand drawn flowers.

Buy it now: $49.99

I am Pretty Art Print

Hey, everyone needs some positive affirmations. The beautiful flowers layered behind the text pack a bright punch, too.

Buy it now: $30.99

Good Vibes Only Neon Print

Hang this graphic print anywhere in your house for a quick reminder to yourself—and guests—that only good vibes are welcome.

Buy it now: $30

The List 8″X10″ Print

Not following illustrator and all-around inspirational human Dallas Clayton? Big mistake. This guy is a creative genius and his daily musings are guaranteed to put a smile on your face—and make you feel like you’re a kid again. Buy one of his prints to have his constant positive presence around.

Buy it now: $22