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Whether you’re in the market for a total decor overhaul or just want to refresh your space with a few new pieces, Ikea is releasing a slew of new products in August to help you with your decorating. From tropical-inspired items and furniture in rich colors to brass accent pieces, the upcoming releases are perfect for that summer-fall transition.

There’s an emphasis on sustainability throughout the products, so you don’t have to feel guilty about your impending shopping spree. Here’s what you can expect from Ikea in August.


This comfy chair will bring a modern sensibility to your living rooms. It’s available in multiple colorways—choose from black or white leg frames and covers in every shade from golden yellow to deep brown—for the ultimate customizable furniture piece.

Koarp Armchair, $169


A brightly colored rug is all you need to dress up simple hardwood floors, and the handwoven Krönge rug comes in a fun geometric print with seasonal colors perfect for that summer-fall transition. It was created via an Ikea initiative in India and Bangladesh that aims to create better working conditions for weavers, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Krönge Rug, $349


At just $6 each, the Majbritt cushion covers are an affordable way to switch up the decor of a room. The tropical-inspired print shows a flock of flying flamingos on one side, complemented by a simple beige back side in case you want to go for a more neutral feel.

Majbritt Cushion Cover, $6


A throw is the perfect late summer accessory for when the nights start to get a little cooler, and Ikea is coming out with five new options in various materials and colors to suit your needs. Drape them over your sofa or roll them up and store in a chic basket or storage bin for easy organization.

Vägmålla Throw, $14.99 (pictured); Tuvalie Throw, $12.99; Dunäng Throw, $39.99; Lisamari Throw, $19.99; Vårkrage Throw, $4.99

Created with pre-teens in mind, the Släkt series caters to the needs of 8-12-year-olds. Basic yet well-designed, each piece is multifunctional (the storage bins can double as a nightstand or as extra seating) and super adaptable.

“Kids can change what they want to do in their room in a heartbeat, so we designed Släkt to be super modular and adaptable, as well as easy to move around if, say, a bunch of friends come over,” says Nina Hughes from Children’s Ikea.

Släkt series, $69- $228 

Elegant and understated, these champagne coupes are a great alternative to traditional glasses. You can also use them to serve desserts, such as ice cream or parfaits.

Storhet Champagne Coupe, $1.99 each

Opt for a plush rug to warm up your space in time for the chillier months. “The thick dense pile has small features of differing colors which make the impression shift depending on where you’re looking from, kind of like a painting,” says designer Maja Ganszyniec. 

Vindum Rug, $129

From using it as a vehicle on which to display some of your favorite knick knacks to actually serving food and cocktails on it, the Pristella tray’s pretty dark floral design will add a vintage touch to your home no matter how you decide to use it.

Pristella Tray, $9.99

The Snofsa clock is unlike any clock we’ve ever seen. The chic brass color and black clock face in a unique pleated pattern make it a must-have functional decor piece.

Snofsa Clock, $12.99


Sleek black dinnerware will bring a modern feel to your kitchen, and the affordable Backig line includes a bowl and three types of plates so you’re covered for all your dining needs.

“We wanted to create an organic shape that reflects the light in a way that gives the dishes a deep black color,” says design team Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin. “Both the color and the shape means the food stands out strikingly against the dark glossy surface—and we hope that Backig will inspire many creative and personalized table settings.”

Backig Dinnerware, $1.99-$3.99


Because the Nödebo rug is handwoven, each rendition of the wool carpet will be differ slightly, thereby creating a completely one-of-a-kind accent piece for your home. A pretty gradient design in a bold green hue will help add a natural feel to your space.

Nödebo Rug, $349


This fun owl-shaped lamp is ideal for a night light in a kid’s room. It comes with an LED light bulb that saves energy and enables the lamp to stay lit throughout the entire night.

Solbo Table Lamp, $14.99 

This innovative chair is more than just a stylish seating option: It’s made from a mix of wood and plastic—50 percent of which is recycled—for a sustainably-made furniture piece. Plus, the bowl-shaped seat was designed specifically to maximize comfort, meaning that this is really just an all-around great product.

“We performed initial studies about seating comfort and tested prototypes with different groups to find a design that would be really comfortable for as many people as possible,” says product developer Karin Engqvist.

Odger Chair, $75


Filled with gold beads, this hourglass adds a feeling of luxury and is great for dressing up a bare shelf.

Tillsyn Hourglass, $7.99


Sculpted from double layers of high-quality paper that’s then hand-applied onto a metal frame, this lantern-like lamp is the perfect functional accent piece. Love the design and want the lamp to be more of a focal point in your room? The Majorna lamp also comes in a larger size.

Majorna Table Lamp, $9.99; Floor Lamp, $29.99

This modern take on a standard bulletin board is perfect for an entry hall. Made from thin brass-colored metal, the Myrheden frame includes 12 clips and four hooks to help you store and display all your small accessories.

Myrheden Frame, $14.99

Created with a top layer of ash wood and using innovative technology, the Pinnarp countertop is made to be durable and withstand water or moisture. It’s also sustainable, built using less wood than a normal countertop.

Pinnarp Countertop, $149-$189

Searching for an accent lamp to soften the lighting in your home? This round globe lamp almost looks like an inverted fishbowl, and its simple yet modern design is uber-chic.

Fado Table Lamp, $19.99

This flatware set comes in brass or black and will be perfect for your next dinner party (hey, holiday party season will be here before you know it so get a head start now!). As an added bonus, the 20-piece set is totally dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.

Tillagd Flatware, $59.99


You might not necessarily think much about chic handles, but that’s before you knew about the Ӧsternӓs leather handles. Durable, able to withstand water exposure, and available in two sizes, these handles bring a natural look to your furniture. They’re even sustainably made, created from leftover leather scraps instead of using additional resources.

Ӧsternӓs Leather Handles, $9.99- $12.99


Ikea’s innovative faucet technology is best demonstrated with the arrival of two new faucet designs. Both include a flow restrictor that mixes water with air to create 50 percent less water usage, and both have a cold start to reduce hot water consumption and prevent scalding. Useful, eco-friendly, and presented in a sleek design? We’re sold.

Brogrund & Hamnskӓr Faucets, $69 and $89 respectively

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