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Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, and there’s no color that gets at that like green. As the trees start to bud and garden flowers begin to bloom, we’ve been seeing the sprightly shade popping up everywhere, from a pale Lady Liberty hue to a leafy verdant version.

But the one that’s catching our eye the most this season we’re calling dusty clover. It’s not quite sage and less vibrant than newly cut grass—just like spring, it’s fresh but still a little muddy. Optimistic but still humble. More than anything, it’s a serene, nature-inspired pick that we recently spotted on the runway at Dries Van Noten, in produce-inspired vases, and in sunny scalloped planters. It’s even in the food at the farmers’ market right now: artichokes, spring peas, and asparagus. 


And it seems everyone is craving it. “Our paper clovers come in a few colors, but I imagine clover green has been popular because it’s a cheerful, fresh color evocative of new beginnings,” says artist and stylist Livia Cetti of paper flower studio the Green Vase. Some of her handmade wares appear in the photo above.

There are plenty of ways to work the found-in-nature shade into your home. Go big and install it as a painted backdrop for your houseplants (green on green just works), or use small hits of it on your tabletop with glowy herb-colored candles or mint bowls. No matter which way you go, it’s a reminder that after months of winter’s chill, warmer days are on the horizon.

Photography by Emily Dorio and Emily Andrews
Hand Blown Fritsy Drinking Glass, Saban ($55)
Fiber Concrete Barrel Pot, Terrain ($32)
Lettuce Ware Candlesticks, Tory Burch ($228)
Neon Prayer Plant, Bloomscape ($65)
Cassette Bag, Bottega Veneta ($2,100)
Luscious Pea Candle, Loewe ($85)
Purple Noon Rug, Cold Picnic ($165)
Geranium Leaf Body Balm, Aesop ($33)

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