10 champagne recipes (and they’re not all cocktails)

bubbly-focused recipes your love will love.

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three cheese fondue with champagne

Nothing says ‘party’ like fondue and champagne, so why not combine the two in this delicious and creamy crowd pleaser? The beauty of fondue is that it can serve as a one-pot meal, if you provide a wide variety of dippers (think bread, fruit, veggies, and even meat). This version is zesty and full of flavor, elevating traditional fondue with flavors like lemon juice, shallot, nutmeg, three delicious cheeses, and (of course!) champagne. Serve at your next large gathering, or even as a romantic dinner for two (uneaten fondue can be reheated).

classic kir royale

This 2-ingredient French cocktail is simple and oh-so elegant. It will require a bottle of spirit that you likely don’t already have on hand (framboise—a raspberry liqueur), but as there are only 2 ingredients at work here, it’s worth the added effort. To make, simply pour a small amount of framboise at the bottom of a glass and top with champagne. It’s delicious, sweet, bubbly, and the color is spot on for Valentine’s Day toasting.

champagne cupcakes

Every celebration needs a sweet ending, and nothing rounds out a celebration like champagne cupcakes. In case these sound complicated, fear not—they’re actually a simple white cake glammed up with champagne (in the cake itself and the frosting). As far as ingredients go, they couldn’t be more basic, so there’s no reason NOT to try these at your next celebratory gathering. Serious bonus points for edible gold glitter flakes that send these over the top (available at craft and baking shops).

chicken au champagne

When a celebration calls for real food, try this top shelf chicken dish complete with a satisfyingly savory champagne pan sauce. And in case you’re already rolling your eyes about just another chicken dish, think again. There is A LOT of flavor going on here—shallots, mushrooms, tarragon, and lemon juice—so this is definitely not your average weeknight chicken dinner. Despite the layers of flavor, everything comes together in 45 minutes (that includes prep time) and would pair with any simple veggie side, like mashed potatoes or sautéed green beans. Make Chicken au Champagne for Valentine’s Day, a stay at home anniversary dinner, or anytime something special’s in order.

retro-fabulous pink champagne jelly

Here’s a throwback to a time when jellies were in high fashion, except this version takes a step up with 1 ½ liters of pink champagne. The only special equipment needed here is of course a mold—everything else may be found at the supermarket. This shockingly pink dessert is a definite showstopper, and nostalgically delightful, too!

champagne + rock candy cocktail

This is more of a method than a recipe, but it’s so festive and fabulous that it deserves a mention. For your next soiree, drop a stick of rock candy into each glass of champagne just before serving to elevate your cocktail hour (with zero added effort). Opt for pink candy to give champagne a romantic edge, or stick with clear for a cocktail that’s simple, fun, and still seriously elegant.

one-pan cream sauce fettuccine with truffle oil

Sometimes, only a disgustingly oversized pile of rich, creamy, decadent pasta will do. For a special occasion (or anytime, really) try this version with a delicious pan sauce made from gorgonzola cheese, heavy cream, garlic, sage, parmesan, and of course, champagne. The truffle oil garnish sends this pasta over the top, but even without, this is one dish that’s special enough for any celebration.

pink champagne granita

If you’ve never tried granita before, it’s like a delicious, grown up version of shaved ice. It’s also extremely versatile and simple to make at home, so you can create a granita out of just about anything. In this case, we’re using festively pink champagne. More a process than a recipe, this dessert takes a little time and patience, but it’s well worth it.

To make, begin by creating a sugar syrup out of 2 ½ cups of water and equal parts sugar. Boil and cook until the sugar is completely dissolved, and then remove from heat and cool completely. Once cool, combine with one bottle of dry pink champagne, pour into a 9 x 13 inch pan (a similar size works too!) and place in the freezer. To create the shaved ice effect, remove from the cold every 20 minutes and scrape with a fork until the mixture is frozen, but still resembles (yep!) shaved ice. Serve in champagne glasses for an ultra glam presentation and a fun nod to the main ingredient.

champagne grapefruit mojito

When the celebration calls for champagne but your heart is reaching for something zesty and tropical, try this highbrow take on a classic mojito, complete with champagne and fresh grapefruit. It’s simple, full of flavor, and sure to please everyone come cocktail time.

coconut water champagne fruit punch

Every host loves a punch that can be mixed large-batch style, and this version plays on the popularity of coconut water, which is still having a moment. This pretty cocktail comes together by mixing coconut water, champagne, a fruit juice of your choice, and adding a splash of grenadine for color. Bonus points for topping with a fresh fruit garnish, but we think the pretty pink hue is presentation enough.