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blackberry lemon gin and tonic

This sweet and minty blend features fresh blackberries with a tart hint of lemon. Add in the gin, tonic, and a handful of ice, and you have one rather impressive drink.

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the love potion cocktail

Blackberries, Prosecco, and a few sprigs of thyme complete this pretty in pink, bubbly mix!

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mixed berry sangria

A varied mix of summer berries coupled with cherry brandy and a little wine completes this classic summer concoction!

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raspberry mojito

A minty classic is reinvented with a sweet raspberry puree. Combined with the lime and concoction of spirits, this refreshing mix is not one to miss.

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honey-sweetened limeade with strawberries and lime

Basil and strawberries make for quite the pair in this delightfully refreshing summer blend. Accentuated by the sweet subtlety of the honey, this fruity limeade is truly worth trying.

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champagne popsicles

Not all cocktails come in the form of liquids. This three-ingredient blend elevates the standard summer brew into a more seasonally-appropriate method of consumption.

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southern belle

Peach bitters and a simple strawberry syrup accentuate the bold flavors of this Southern classic.

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fresh peach margaritas

In a season when peaches are aplenty, we are all for incorporating them into more creative recipes. Case in point, this refreshing peach margarita that comes with a generous dose of fresh citrus.

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raspberry sherbet party punch

Your go-to party punch recipe just got a whole lot better. This booze-free take features a delicious raspberry sherbet, raspberries, and fresh pineapple slices.

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strawberry basil rickey

This sweet and crisp blend only requires five simple summer ingredients – strawberries, lime, and basil – and makes for one must-try cocktail.

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watermelon breeze

There is probably little else more refreshing than a cool and crisp slice of watermelon on a hot summer’s day. This coconut-infused blend comes with a bold hint of mint and a fresh squeeze of lime.

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rose petal sangria

Okay, so roses may not technically qualify as fruit, but we would be hard pressed not to include this delicious blend on our list. Featuring a rose simple syrup combined with an elderflower liqueur, this wild rose petal mix is pure bliss.

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plum and thyme prosecco smash

The combined sweetness and tartness of plums are elevated by a thyme simple syrup and a generous touch of bubbly!

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peach and blackberry bramble cocktail

When in doubt, go for a combo of peaches and blackberries. These quintessential summer fruits are an effortless complement to one another’s sweetness and lush flavors. With a scoop of peach puree and a touch of dry gin, this mix is both bold and refreshing.

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blackberry jalapeno margaritas

Blackberries and jalapenos? Who would have thought the two would pair so well together? This summer-friendly take on the classic margarita comes loaded with fresh blackberries and a jalapeno simple syrup.

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strawberry long island iced tea

Put fresh, summer strawberries to good use with this renewed take on a classic. Dubbed “the long Island iced tea’s prettier little sister,” this sweet, pink concoction is best enjoyed when served with a slice of strawberry and a sprig of mint.

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passion fruit mojito

The exotic fruit elevates both the flavor and look of this minty fresh mojito. Utilizing both the seeds and the pulp of the passion fruit, this tropical version is quite a welcomed change.

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blueberry mint julep

In a season when blueberries are readily available by the barrel, we are all for taking them to new creatives heights. Enter this crisp and refreshing blend featuring a mint simple syrup and a blueberry puree, paired with crushed ice and a hearty part of bourbon.

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the firecracker

Consider this watermelon, lime, and cucumber cocktail your go-to source for cooling off in the summer heat. Can you think of anything more refreshing? With the added help of the cucumber vodka, this is one blend that definitely deserves a spot at your next cocktail party.

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white peach, rose, and raspberry sangria

This picture-perfect blend tastes just as good as it looks. With warm hints of rose, the tartness of the raspberries, and the utter sweetness of the peaches, consider this summer in a glass.

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frozen watermelon margarita

Two summer favorites come together in this refreshing drink featuring watermelon, tequila, and a splash of lime.

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