13 aperol cocktails

your life’s about to get a bit more orange.

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by Bailey Swilley

aperol spritz

This classic (invented in 1919) is one of the most refreshing drinks of late spring and early summer.

rosemary no. 3 – blood orange negroni

Make this cocktail if for no other reason than the beauty of its ingredients.

hoperol flip

IPA lovers, it’s time to have a little fun. Take break from the basic pint for a moment. 

aperol punch

Everyone loves a good Aperol cocktail, so go big batch with this tasty punch! (Less work for you during the party, anyway)!

aperol sour

The lemon juice and egg whites in this recipe make us want to drink this for breakfast.

the antioxidant

Kind of like grownup Tang! That’s what we’re pretending, anyway.

the montserrat

Brandied kumquats? Color us intrigued!

the double eagle

Bourbon, basil, and Aperol compliment each other perfectly in this fun, fresh cocktail.

watermelon ginger aperol spritz

Summer in a glass. Period.

aperol spritz float

Skip sorbet and go for this fruity, boozy dessert instead.

the stolen negroni

This bitter drink isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you dare, it’ll be worth it.


After mixing this herbal delight, you’ll be your new favorite bartender.

aperol limeade popsicles

Keep these out of the mouths of babes and in the hands of fun-loving adults!