Produced Kate Berry

Styled Frances Boswell

Published on March 19, 2017

Babes Who Brunch

On the Menu

Ricotta-avocado toast to serve when the girls arrive. Individual omelets with seasonal greens that are simple to whip up, keep your stove time to a minimum, and can be customized to particular tastes.

In the Glasses

Beauty & the Brut (pink coconut water with sparkling wine for heady hydration). A pretty pot of loose dried flowering sage tea.

On the Table

Cool vintage-inspired florals and traditional porcelain motifs in jewel tones modernize the ladies-who-lunch vibe. 

Clockwise from top left: Antico Doccia Oriente Italiano Collection by Richard Ginori; Vera Metropolitan Goblet by Vera Wang Wedgwood; 20-Piece Rush Gold Flatware; Bleus d’Ailleurs Large Yellow Bowl by Hermès; Tropic Green China by Raynaud


for Two

On the Menu

Soft-boiled farmers’ market eggs topped with American caviar feels special without breaking the bank. Toasted soldiers add a satisfying crunch, and make-ahead grapefruit compote is pretty and refreshing.  

In the Glasses

Bubbly with pomegranate seeds in your finest stemware looks extra festive—and is an invite to linger in bed

all afternoon.

On the Table

Fancy linens, brass flatware, and heirloom-in-the-making tableware delivered via cocktail tray with a side of Sunday crossword.

Clockwise from top left: Cronos Salad Plate; Yves Delorme Bedding; Hi-Gloss Rectangular Tray; Festival Dinner Napkins; Library Lane Dinnerware by Kate Spade New York; Quinlin Street Accent Plate by Kate Spade New York; Polished Gold 5-Piece Setting by Vera Wang Wedgwood

The All-day Graze

On the Menu

Crusty breads with cheese, charcuterie, and potted terrine allow for build-your-own-bites. Fresh, bright melon spritzed with lime adds extra zing. Family-style roasted tomato tart that tastes just as delicious when cool. 

In the Glasses

A light saffron-honey sparkler that guests (and hosts) can dip into throughout the afternoon

as a “healthy” libation.

On the Table

Colored glassware and mix-and-match pieces pulled from various sets create fun pattern combinations. 

Clockwise from top left: Chronos Dinner Plate and Square Bread Plate by Non Sans Raison; Mar Charger Plate; Trésor Dinner Set by Raynaud; Bowl and Deep Plate by Arita Japan; Kartio Glasses; Pin Stripe Collection by Jasper Conran; Small White Wine Glass by Bollenglass; Hemisphere Cereal Bowl by J.L. Coquet; Sky Tea Towel